Viking Queens: Powerful and Inspiring Vikings Female Names from Norse History!

Vikings Female Names

Hey Viking ladies! Looking for cool Vikings female names that sound strong and brave, just like the Vikings in the stories? Maybe you want a name for online games, a cool nickname, or something special for yourself. This is the place! These Viking names are more than just words, they’re like magic spells with meanings behind them.

Imagine being called something that means “beautiful like a god” (Astrid) or “always winning” (Sigrid).  There are even names that mean “warrior woman” (Gunnhildr) or “armored fighter” (Brynhildr) perfect if you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself!

But Vikings weren’t just about fighting. They also loved exploring new places, trading things, and telling awesome stories. We also have names like Astrid (“star”) or Freyja (“lady”) to make you think of big skies and all the amazing things you can do.

So, check out these Vikings female names and pick your favorite! It can be strong and fierce, wise and mysterious, or anything else that fits you.  Viking women were awesome, and now you can have a name that’s just as awesome as them!

570+ Best Vikings Female Names

Ever wanted a super cool name, strong like a Viking warrior? This list is full of the best Vikings Female Names you can find!  Whether you need a name for a game, social media, or anything else, you’ll find the perfect one here.

  • Astrid
  • Freya
  • Ingrid
  • Sigrid
  • Eira
  • Hilda
  • Thyra
  • Gunnhild
  • Ragnhild
  • Brynhild
  • Sigrun
  • Lagertha
  • Gudrun
  • Asa
  • Runa
  • Eir
  • Idunn
  • Sigyn
  • Ylva
  • Hildegarde
  • Solveig
  • Greta
  • Helga
  • Thora
  • Freydis
  • Gunhild
  • Siv
  • Audhild
  • Fjola
  • Alfhild

Clever Vikings Female Names

Looking for a name that shows you’re super smart?  These Vikings female name ideas are clever and tricky, just like you! With meanings that say “brainy” and “good at plans”  you’ll find a name that’s perfect for you.

  • Shielda
  • Wyrmslayer
  • Fenriria
  • Stormbride
  • Iceweaver
  • Skaldra
  • Battlemaiden
  • Axeheart
  • Swiftsteel
  • Wolfbane
  • Flamecaster
  • Thunderfist
  • Seafoam
  • Shadowblade
  • Frostfang
  • Ravenna
  • Valkyrie
  • Bloodraven
  • Ironsoul
  • Grimshield
  • Wyrmbreaker
  • Frostfire
  • Stormcaller
  • Warmaiden
  • Nightshade
  • Fireheart
  • Frostborn
  • Thunderbolt
  • Bloodmoon
  • Runescribe

Creative Vikings Female Names

Feeling artistic?  These female Viking’s names are inspired by stories, nature, and adventure! With a creative Viking name, you can have a one-of-a-kind name that’s super cool.

  • Skyla Seaclaw
  • Freydis Frostblade
  • Ragna Runewalker
  • Astrid Ironheart
  • Brynhild Battlecry
  • Sigrid Stormborn
  • Eira Everwinter
  • Thyra Thunderfoot
  • Helga Hailstorm
  • Hildegaard Hawkseye
  • Gudrun Goldweaver
  • Lagertha Lightfoot
  • Siv Swiftstream
  • Ingrid Iceheart
  • Ylva Yewbow
  • Runa Ravenwing
  • Solveig Silvermoon
  • Freya Firebrand
  • Asa Arrowstorm
  • Hilda Helmbreaker
  • Gunnhild Grimhammer
  • Eir Eldersong
  • Thora Thunderhelm
  • Audhild Ashborn
  • Greta Galesong
  • Fjola Frostflower
  • Sigyn Stormcloak
  • Alfhild Amberlight
  • Idunn Iceshaper
  • Sigrun Stoneheart

Badass Vikings Female Names

Feeling tough?  These Viking names are strong and brave, just like a warrior queen! With a badass Viking name, you can show everyone you’re not afraid of anything!

  • Lagertha Bloodaxe
  • Astrid Ironfist
  • Freydis Warcry
  • Sigrid Skullcrusher
  • Helga Bonebreaker
  • Brynhild Battleborn
  • Ragna Ragesong
  • Gunnhild Goreblade
  • Eira Flameheart
  • Thyra Deathbringer
  • Hilda Hellfire
  • Siv Stormrider
  • Ingrid Axe-Wielder
  • Ylva Furyborn
  • Runa Ravager
  • Gudrun Grimslayer
  • Astrid Thunderstrike
  • Lagertha Shieldmaiden
  • Eir Bloodlust
  • Hildegaard the Merciless
  • Freya Fearspear
  • Thyra the Ruthless
  • Gunnhild Ironsides
  • Brynhild the Berserker
  • Ragna the Reckless
  • Sigrid Skullsplitter
  • Helga the Devastator
  • Astrid the Fearless
  • Ingrid the Savage
  • Siv the Slayer

Vikings Female Names For Gamers

Want a name that will scare everyone in your next game?  This list has the fiercest Viking female names you can find! With a strong Viking name, you’ll be ready to conquer any online world.

Vikings Female Names For Social Media Profiles

Want to stand out on social media?  Get a Viking name that everyone will remember! With a cool Viking name, you can show off your personality and your inner Viking spirit.

  • ShieldmaidenSara
  • ValkyrieVera
  • FreyaFable
  • AstridAllure
  • LagerthaLuxe
  • RunaRiddle
  • SagaSpark
  • BrynhildrBloom
  • SkadiSiren
  • HildaHarmony
  • EiraEcho
  • SigrunSway
  • GunnhildrGlow
  • RagnaRadiance
  • ThyraThrill
  • HildrHope
  • GudrunGlam
  • YlvaYonder
  • IngridInspire
  • HelgaHalo
  • FreydisFable
  • SigridSage
  • EirElegance
  • LagerthaLively
  • AsaAurora
  • SivSerene
  • FjolaFervor
  • AstridAura
  • IdunnIllumine
  • SkuldSerenade

Viking Female Names For Group of Girls

Do you have a super close girl squad?  These Viking names are perfect for a group of strong and loyal friends! With Viking names, you can show everyone your friendship is the best!

  • Shieldmaidens United
  • Valkyrie Vanguard
  • Freya’s Fellowship
  • Astrid’s Alliance
  • Lagertha’s Legion
  • Runa’s Raiders
  • Saga Sisters
  • Brynhildr’s Band
  • Skadi’s Squad
  • Hilda’s Horde
  • Eira’s Empresses
  • Sigrun’s Syndicate
  • Gunnhildr’s Guardians
  • Ragna’s Retinue
  • Thyra’s Tribe
  • Hildr’s Host
  • Gudrun’s Guild
  • Ylva’s Yoke
  • Ingrid’s Intrepids
  • Helga’s Heroes
  • Freydis’s Fraternity
  • Sigrid’s Siblings
  • Eir’s Enclave
  • Lagertha’s Lineage
  • Asa’s Amazons
  • Siv’s Sisterhood
  • Fjola’s Flock
  • Astrid’s Assembly
  • Idunn’s Inner Circle
  • Skuld’s Sorority

Best Friend Vikings Female Names

Want a name to share with your BFF that shows your amazing friendship? These Vikings’ female names are all about being strong and always there for each other. Find the perfect Viking names to show your best friend how much they mean to you!

  • Shieldmaiden Sisters
  • Valkyrie Allies
  • Freya’s Companions
  • Astrid’s Amigas
  • Lagertha’s Lifelines
  • Runa’s Sidekicks
  • Saga Soulmates
  • Brynhildr’s Besties
  • Skadi’s Sisters-in-Arms
  • Hilda’s Partners-in-Crime
  • Eira’s Evergreens
  • Sigrun’s Sidekicks
  • Gunnhildr’s Gal Pals
  • Ragna’s Ride or Dies
  • Thyra’s Tribe
  • Hildr’s Honeys
  • Gudrun’s Guardians
  • Ylva’s Yarnspins
  • Ingrid’s Intimates
  • Helga’s Helpers
  • Freydis’s Friends Forever
  • Sigrid’s Soul Sisters
  • Eir’s Entourage
  • Lagertha’s Loyalists
  • Asa’s Allies
  • Siv’s Support System
  • Fjola’s Faithful
  • Astrid’s Allies
  • Idunn’s Inner Circle
  • Skuld’s Siblings in Spirit

Funny Vikings Female Names

Want a name that’s a little bit funny? These Vikings Female Names are cool and have some funny meanings! With a funny Viking name, you can show everyone you have a great sense of humor.

  • Shieldmaiden Shananigans
  • Valkyrie Vixenator
  • Freya Funnybones
  • Astrid Laughsalot
  • Lagertha Lolsmith
  • Runa Ridiculous
  • Saga Snickerdoodle
  • Brynhildr Bellylaughs
  • Skadi Snortworthy
  • Hilda Hilarity
  • Eira Eccentric
  • Sigrun Sillypants
  • Gunnhildr Giggles
  • Ragna Roar-with-Laughter
  • Thyra Ticklemeister
  • Hildr Haha-Hilda
  • Gudrun Guffaw
  • Ylva Yuckster
  • Ingrid Insane-giggle
  • Helga Hilarious
  • Freydis Funniest
  • Sigrid Snickerdoodle
  • Eir Euphoria
  • Lagertha Laugh-a-Lot
  • Asa Amusing
  • Siv Silliness
  • Fjola Fun-loving
  • Astrid Amusement Queen
  • Idunn Ironic
  • Skuld Sidesplitting

Historical Vikings Female Names

Want a name steeped in real Viking history? This list features authentic Viking girl names used by strong women of the past! Find a name that connects you to the real Vikings.

  • Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir
  • Þóra Borgarhjǫrtr
  • Aud the Deep-Minded
  • Gunnhild Gormsdóttir
  • Freydis Eiriksdottir
  • Þorbjǫrg lítilvǫlva
  • Ingibjǫrg Finnsdóttir
  • Thora Town-Hart
  • Þóra Skagadóttir
  • Freydis Gunnarsdottir
  • Gudrun Osvifrsdottir
  • Þorbjǫrg Ship-breast
  • Þórgunna á Löngu
  • Guðrún Ósvífrsdóttir
  • Þóra Hart-Launcher
  • Þóra Hart-Hater
  • Ragnhild Bjarnardóttir
  • Þórgunna Hart-Stepper
  • Sigrid the Haughty
  • Þorbjǫrg Ship-crasher
  • Asa Kettle-Hound
  • Þóra Ship-hater
  • Estrid Svendsdatter
  • Þórgunna the Strong
  • Helga the Fair
  • Gudrun Oddsdóttir
  • Þorbjǫrg Ship-Breaker
  • Þóra Hart-Fracturer
  • Gyrid Olafsdottir
  • Ragnhild the Mighty

Modern Vikings Female Names

Looking for a Viking name with a modern twist? This list offers classic Viking names with a fresh feel, perfect for the modern shield maiden! Find a name that’s both cool and timeless.

  • Astrid Storm
  • Freya Frost
  • Ingrid Steel
  • Sigrid Thunder
  • Eira Wilder
  • Hilda Swift
  • Thyra Blaze
  • Gunnhild Arrow
  • Ragnhild Vale
  • Brynhild Rune
  • Sigrun Shield
  • Lagertha Wolf
  • Gudrun Flame
  • Asa Phoenix
  • Runa Skye
  • Eir Serpent
  • Idunn Ember
  • Sigyn Star
  • Ylva Nova
  • Hildegarde Stone
  • Solveig Dawn
  • Greta Stormrider
  • Helga Frostbite
  • Thora Nightshade
  • Freydis Skybreaker
  • Gunhild Warcry
  • Siv Valkyrie
  • Audhild Sunburst
  • Fjola Thunderbolt
  • Alfhild Icewind

Sales Team Vikings Female Names

Need a name that inspires confidence and success for your sales team?  These Vikings female names are strong and determined, just like the best salespeople! Find a name that will help your team crush their goals.

  • Shieldmaiden Sales
  • Valkyrie Vendors
  • Freya’s Force
  • Astrid’s Achievers
  • Lagertha’s Leads
  • Runa’s Representatives
  • Saga Sellers
  • Brynhildr’s Bazaar Belles
  • Skadi’s Sellswords
  • Hilda’s Hustlers
  • Eira’s Executives
  • Sigrun’s Sales Stars
  • Gunnhildr’s Gurus
  • Ragna’s Rainmakers
  • Thyra’s Titans
  • Hildr’s High Achievers
  • Gudrun’s Gainers
  • Ylva’s Yielders
  • Ingrid’s Inciters
  • Helga’s Hotshots
  • Freydis’s Fortune Finders
  • Sigrid’s Sales Savants
  • Eir’s Envoys
  • Lagertha’s Luminaries
  • Asa’s Associates
  • Siv’s Sales Sirens
  • Fjola’s Frontliners
  • Astrid’s Account Executives
  • Idunn’s Income Inquisitors
  • Skuld’s Sales Sorceresses
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Powerful Vikings Female Names

Feeling strong and unstoppable? These Vikings female names radiate power and leadership, perfect for anyone who wants to make a lasting impression! Find a name that shows everyone you’re a force to be reckoned with.

  • Shieldmaiden Valkyrie
  • Freya Thunderheart
  • Astrid Ironfist
  • Lagertha Battleaxe
  • Runa Warcry
  • Brynhildr Stormborn
  • Sigrun Spearmaiden
  • Hilda Dragonrider
  • Eira Frostblade
  • Gunnhildr Shieldbreaker
  • Ragna Bloodstorm
  • Thyra Flamebearer
  • Gudrun Warbringer
  • Ylva Wolfmother
  • Ingrid Frostfang
  • Helga Fireforge
  • Freydis Bloodthorn
  • Sigrid Thunderclap
  • Eir the Indomitable
  • Lagertha Ironclad
  • Asa Stormseeker
  • Siv Battlemaiden
  • Fjola Frostfury
  • Audhildr Warlordess
  • Thora Stormcaller
  • Alfhildr Dragonheart
  • Greta Stonecrusher
  • Skadi the Unyielding
  • Idunn the Invincible
  • Skuld the Unbroken

Ancient Vikings Female Names

Want a name that whispers of legends and myths? This list features the oldest and most mysterious Viking girl names, perfect for those who love history and stories! Find a name that carries the weight of ages.

  • Astrid
  • Freydis
  • Ingrid
  • Sigrid
  • Eira
  • Hilda
  • Thyra
  • Gunnhild
  • Ragnhild
  • Brynhild
  • Sigrun
  • Lagertha
  • Gudrun
  • Asa
  • Runa
  • Eir
  • Idunn
  • Sigyn
  • Ylva
  • Hildegarde
  • Solveig
  • Greta
  • Helga
  • Thora
  • Freyja
  • Audhild
  • Alfhild
  • Signy
  • Gunnlod
  • Hervor

Geek Vikings Female Names

Calling all Viking geeks! This list offers a selection of lesser-known Vikings female names, perfect for those who want something unique and interesting! Find a name that shows off your deep Viking knowledge.

  • Shieldmaiden Spock
  • Valkyrie Vader
  • Freya Fett
  • Astrid Amidala
  • Lagertha Leia
  • Runa Rey
  • Saga Skywalker
  • Brynhildr Borg
  • Skadi Scully
  • Hilda Hermione
  • Eira Eleven
  • Sigrun Stark
  • Gunnhildr Gandalf
  • Ragna Ripley
  • Thyra Targaryen
  • Hildr Hulk
  • Gudrun Gamora
  • Ylva Yoda
  • Ingrid Ironheart
  • Helga Harley
  • Freydis Frodo
  • Sigrid Solo
  • Eir Eowyn
  • Lagertha Lannister
  • Asa Arwen
  • Siv Sauron
  • Fjola Frostmourne
  • Astrid Avenger
  • Idunn Indiana
  • Skuld Skywalker

Asian Vikings Female Names

Looking for a Viking name with an Asian twist? This list explores names inspired by Viking interactions with Asian cultures, offering a unique blend of heritage! Find Vikings’ female names that reflect your multicultural background.

  • Mei-Lagertha
  • Hana-Brynhildr
  • Lin-Freya
  • Yu-Astrid
  • Jin-Sigrid
  • Li-Ragna
  • Ying-Thyra
  • Aiko-Gunnhildr
  • Sakura-Eira
  • Suki-Sigrun
  • Hanako-Hilda
  • Mika-Gudrun
  • Yumi-Asa
  • Mei Ling-Runa
  • Hoshi-Eir
  • Rei-Idunn
  • Ayumi-Sigyn
  • Tomoe-Ylva
  • Setsuko-Helga
  • Yoko-Thora
  • Mai-Freyja
  • Ling-Audhild
  • Ayane-Alfhild
  • Riko-Solveig
  • Kaori-Greta
  • Yuka-Siv
  • Naoko-Fjola
  • Asuka-Astrid
  • Emi-Skuld
  • Hitomi-Lagertha

Spanish Vikings Female Names

Did you know Vikings explored parts of Spain? This list offers Viking names with a Spanish influence, perfect for those who love the blend of cultures! Find a name that’s both fierce and exotic.

  • Isabella Shieldmaiden
  • Sofia Valkyrie
  • Marta Freya
  • Elena Lagertha
  • Clara Runa
  • Lucia Astrid
  • Ana Brynhildr
  • Carmen Sigrun
  • Maria Gunnhildr
  • Laura Ragna
  • Sara Thyra
  • Andrea Gudrun
  • Julia Ylva
  • Emma Ingrid
  • Paula Helga
  • Carla Freydis
  • Raquel Sigrid
  • Alba Eira
  • Irene Hilda
  • Natalia Asa
  • Patricia Eir
  • Diana Idunn
  • Beatriz Sigyn
  • Lola Thora
  • Elena Freyja
  • Marisol Audhild
  • Alejandra Alfhild
  • Rosa Solveig
  • Violeta Greta
  • Isabel Skuld

German Vikings Female Names

Want a name that reflects the heart of Viking culture? This list features Vikings female names of Germanic origin, the core language of the Vikings! Find a name that’s authentic to Viking roots.

  • Brunhilda
  • Gertrude
  • Hildegarde
  • Helga
  • Gisela
  • Ingrid
  • Walburga
  • Hildegard
  • Sigrid
  • Freya
  • Astrid
  • Erika
  • Inga
  • Greta
  • Heidi
  • Trudel
  • Else
  • Gerda
  • Frieda
  • Ulrike
  • Liesel
  • Mechthild
  • Ilsa
  • Marlene
  • Anneliese
  • Ursula
  • Renate
  • Brigitte
  • Hannelore
  • Dagmar
Vikings Female Names

Tips For Picking Perfect Vikings Female Names

Ever wanted cool Vikings female names, strong and brave like the girls in the stories? This guide will help you find the perfect one!

1.  What Kind of Viking Are You?

  • Super Strong Fighter? Look for names that mean “battle” or “win” like Sigrid (“always winning”) or Gunnhildr (“battle woman”). These names are perfect if you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself!
  • Super Smart and Wise? Explore names that sound like they belong to a fortune teller, like Signy (“winning”) or Svanhild (“swan fight”). These names are cool and mysterious.
  • Free Spirit Who Loves to Explore? Names like Astrid (“star”) or Freyja (“lady”) make you think of big skies and all the amazing adventures you can have.

2.  The Name’s Meaning Matters!

Viking names all have special meanings. Look at our lists and find names that mean something cool to you, something that shows who you are or what you want to be.

3.  Say Vikings Female Names Out Loud!

Try saying the names out loud a few times. Does it sound powerful when you say it?  Is it easy to say? Pick a name you love to hear!

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4.  Double the First Sound is Cool!

Many Viking names start with two of the same sounds at the beginning. This makes the name strong and easy to remember, like Brynhildr (“armored fighter”).  See if you can find any names like that on our lists!

5.  Classic Viking or Modern Twist?

Do you want a name that sounds exactly like it came from a Viking story, or something a little more modern?

6.  Real Viking Ladies Were Awesome!

Look up some famous Viking women! Maybe their stories or names will inspire you to choose a cool Viking name for yourself.

7.  Mix it Up!

Maybe you have some Viking heritage, or maybe you just like another culture. See if you can find a Viking name that sounds cool with your name, or that mixes cultures in a fun way.

Tips For Building Your Vikings Female Names!

Want Vikings Female Names that are super cool and unique, just like you? This guide will help you create your awesome name!

1.  Mix and Match from the Myths to Craft Vikings Female Names!

Viking stories are full of strong women! Look at the names of goddesses like Freya (love and war) or warrior women like Brynhildr (armored fighter). You can use their names for inspiration, or even put parts of their names together to make a new name. Like “Freyafrid” – that means peaceful Freya, super cool!

2.  Get Inspired by Nature!

Vikings loved nature. Look at the weather, animals, and everything outside for ideas! Names like “Stormhildr” (storm battle) or “Eldrid” (fire counsel) sound super strong. You can even use animal names like “Ulfa” (she-wolf) or “Hrafna” (raven) if you think those animals are cool.

3.  Make Your Meaningful Mashup!

Find a Viking name you already like, then pick another word that means something special to you. Put those two meanings together to make a brand-new name! For example, “Sigruna” (victory runes) mixes “Sigrid” (victory) with “runa” (rune).

4.  Double the First Sound is the Viking Way!

Many Viking names start with the same sound at the beginning twice. Try making your name like that! Pick a strong sound like “H” or “B” and add an “a” or “e” to start your name, like “Hild-” or “Bjorn-“. Then pick a cool ending that means something you like, like “-frida” (beautiful) or “-hildr” (battle).

5.  Real Viking Ladies Were Awesome!

Look up some famous Vikings Female Names in history! Maybe their stories or names will inspire you to create your own Viking name.  For example, “Lagertha” (a famous Viking queen) could become “Lageria” – a cool new name!


So there you have it, brave adventurer! We’ve unveiled a treasure trove of Vikings female names, each imbued with power, wisdom, and the spirit of the north. From fearless warriors to wise seers, these names offer a glimpse into the remarkable lives of Viking women.

But we haven’t just handed you a sword and left you on the battlefield. We’ve also provided a trusty shield – a set of tips to help you choose the name that resonates most deeply with you.

So check out all the lists, see what the names mean, and have some fun being creative! With these tips and a little imagination, you’ll find the perfect Viking name that’s super cool and ready for your next adventure!


People say Viking girl names in different ways because they come from an old language called Old Norse. Some guides use special symbols to show how to say them.

People often use “Viking” and “Norse” to mean the same thing. Vikings were Norse people who explored and traded. So, girl names from that time are both Viking and Norse. Some experts think there are slight differences between names from the Viking time and names from other times.

Yes, we can! Viking girl names are becoming popular again because they sound strong and have cool meanings. People use them for real names, nicknames, usernames, and even in stories.

In history, we hear about amazing Viking women. For example, there’s Lagertha, a famous warrior woman. There’s also Freydis Eiriksdottir, who explored and might have been to North America. Another famous one is Astrid, who was married to a king.

Lots of places can teach you about Vikings and their names. You can visit museums, look at history websites, or read books and watch shows about Viking women. They’ll help you learn more about this cool part of history.

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