Elevate Excellence: Inspiring High School Names for Academic Achievement!

High School Names

Opening your high school is a big dream! Just like building a house, every part matters from the amazing teachers you hire to the cool classes you offer. But before you get to all that, there’s one big decision to make first: picking high school names!

The name of your school is super important. It’s like a first impression, telling everyone what your school is all about. It should be catchy and easy to remember, just like your favorite song! But most importantly, it should reflect the kind of school you want to create.

To provide you with such names, we have put together our team of experts who love schools just as much as you do, and are here to help you find the perfect high school names for your new school. We’ve come up with a bunch of ideas to get you started, and we’ve even categorized them in two ways to make it easier:

Remember, the best name for your school is the one that feels just right for you and your vision.  As you look through these ideas, keep thinking about what makes your school special. What kind of students do you want to attract?  What kind of learning environment do you want to create?

By thinking about these things along with the high school name ideas we’ve provided, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect name for your school.

Let’s Get Started:

530+ Best High School Names: Explore Awesome High School Name Ideas

These names are winners! These high school names are easy to remember and sound great. They make people think of learning and doing awesome things in school.

  • Summit High School
  • Crestview High School
  • Pinecrest Academy
  • Willowbrook High School
  • Horizon High School
  • Eagle Ridge High School
  • Heritage Preparatory School
  • Maplewood High School
  • Brookside Academy
  • Valley View High School
  • Lakeside High School
  • Oakridge Preparatory Academy
  • Riverside High School
  • Greenwood Academy
  • Hilltop High School
  • Magnolia High School
  • Sunrise High School
  • Blue Ridge High School
  • Harmony High School
  • Liberty Prep School
  • Sunset High School
  • Forest Grove High School
  • Meadowlark Academy
  • Clearview High School
  • Brookstone High School
  • Silver Creek High School
  • Summitview Academy
  • Oakwood High School
  • Evergreen High School
  • Beacon Hills High School

Creative High School Names

Want a name that’s one-of-a-kind? This list has fun and different high school names that will make your school stand out!

  • Nova Academy
  • Imagine High School
  • Enigma Prep
  • Catalyst High School
  • Renaissance Academy
  • Serenity High School
  • Nexus High School
  • Quantum Heights
  • Fusion Academy
  • Momentum High School
  • Phoenix Academy
  • Echo Summit High School
  • Infinity Prep
  • Spectrum High School
  • Zenith Academy
  • Aurora High School
  • Evolve High School
  • Horizon Academy
  • Empower High School
  • Vertex High School
  • Odyssey Academy
  • Spark High School
  • Equinox High School
  • Harmony Academy
  • Legacy High School
  • Thrive High School
  • Radiance Prep
  • Synergy High School
  • Ascend High School
  • Pinnacle Academy

Clever High School Names

Love a little wordplay? These high school names are smart and catchy. They’ll make people smile and remember your school’s name.

  • Ingenuity High School
  • IQ Academy
  • Brainwave High School
  • SmartyPants High School
  • Eureka Academy
  • Savvy Scholars High School
  • Brainiac Prep
  • ThinkTank High School
  • Genius Grove High School
  • Clever Academy
  • Brainstorm High School
  • Sharp Minds High School
  • BrightSpark High School
  • Socrates Academy
  • MindMeld High School
  • IntellecTech High School
  • Scholar’s Haven High School
  • Logic Lane High School
  • Sage Summit High School
  • Innovate Academy
  • Acumen High School
  • Einstein’s Edge High School
  • Visionary Prep
  • KnowledgeKnot High School
  • Scholarly Solutions High School
  • Brilliance Boulevard High School
  • Ponderosa High School
  • Academic Apex High School
  • Sagebrush High School
  • Savant Springs High School
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Professional High School Names

These high school names sound serious and important. They show everyone that your school focuses on learning and helping students succeed.

  • Elite Preparatory Academy
  • Academic Excellence High School
  • Professional Scholars Academy
  • Advanced Learning Institute
  • Premier Academy
  • Career Prep High School
  • Professional Development High School
  • Vanguard Academy
  • Institute of Excellence
  • Global Scholars High School
  • Leadership Academy
  • Executive High School
  • Professional Pathways Academy
  • Summit Scholars Academy
  • College Preparatory Institute
  • Premier Scholars High School
  • Future Leaders Academy
  • Career Advancement High School
  • International Academy of Scholars
  • Professional Mastery High School
  • Scholars Alliance High School
  • Success Academy
  • Academy of Excellence
  • Career Success High School
  • Advanced Studies Academy
  • Professional Achievement High School
  • Scholars Edge High School
  • Mastery Institute
  • Global Leadership Academy
  • Academic Success High School

Boys High School Names: Strong Names for Guys

List has high school names that sound powerful and cool for a boys’ school.

  • Vanguard Preparatory Academy
  • Summit Academy for Boys
  • Valor High School
  • Triumph Academy
  • Citadel Collegiate
  • Phoenix Preparatory School
  • Titan Academy
  • Legacy High School
  • Sentinel Boys’ School
  • Apex Academy
  • Fortress Institute
  • Lionheart High
  • Spartan School for Boys
  • Sovereign Collegiate
  • Alpha Academy
  • Everest Boys’ Academy
  • Ironclad Institute
  • Centurion High School
  • Invictus Preparatory
  • Omega Academy
  • Striker School for Boys
  • Regal Heights Academy
  • Thunderbolt Collegiate
  • Gladiator High School
  • Atlas Preparatory School
  • Noble Knights Academy
  • Phoenix Rising Academy
  • Valiant Collegiate
  • Victory Academy for Boys
  • Guardian High School

Girls High School Names: Strong Names for Girls

The list has high school names that sound strong and inspiring for a girls’ school.

  • Athena Academy
  • Empowerment High School
  • Phoenix Girls’ School
  • Valor Academy for Girls
  • Luminary Collegiate
  • Vanguard Girls’ Institute
  • Seraphim Academy
  • Triumph High School for Girls
  • Radiant Heights Academy
  • Legacy Girls’ School
  • Sovereign Institute for Girls
  • Lioness Collegiate
  • Pinnacle Academy for Girls
  • Titaness High School
  • Fortress Girls’ School
  • Empress Preparatory School
  • Athena’s Legacy High
  • Centurion Girls’ School
  • Invicta Institute
  • Ironclad Academy for Girls
  • Phoenix Rising Girls’ School
  • Regal Heights Academy for Girls
  • Thunderbolt Girls’ School
  • Gladiator Girls’ Academy
  • Atlas Girls’ Academy
  • Noble Girls’ Institute
  • Radiant Star High School
  • Valiant Girls’ Academy
  • Victory Girls’ High School
  • Guardian Angel High School

Unique High School Names: ✨ One-of-a-Kind Names

The list has high school names that are completely different from any other school.

  • Celestial Academy
  • Elysium Heights High
  • Ethereal Springs School
  • Harmonia High School
  • Luminescence Academy
  • Nova Vista Collegiate
  • Radiant Horizons High
  • Solstice Summit School
  • Synergy Grove Academy
  • Veritas Vanguard High
  • Amity Ascend Academy
  • Embercrest Collegiate
  • Halcyon Haven High
  • Horizon Heights Institute
  • Nexus Nova High School
  • Phoenix Crest Academy
  • Quasar Quest High
  • Reverie Ridge School
  • Stellar Serenity Academy
  • Summit Solace High
  • Unity Uplift Academy
  • Zenith Zephyr High
  • Avalon Apex Academy
  • Crescendo Cove High
  • Enigma Edge Institute
  • Luminary Lagoon School
  • Meridian Mist High
  • Odyssey Oasis Academy
  • Sanctuary Springs High
  • Vertex Vista Institute

Royal High School Names: Names Fit for a King or Queen

List has high school names that sound fancy and important, like a castle.

  • Crown Academy
  • Regalia High School
  • Majesty Preparatory School
  • Imperial Institute for Girls and Boys
  • Sovereign Heights High
  • Noble Heritage Academy
  • Monarch Academy
  • Royal Crest Collegiate
  • Majesty Manor High School
  • Crown Jewel Academy
  • Royal Court High
  • Regent’s Academy
  • Kingdom High School
  • Majesty Hall Institute
  • Royal Vanguard Academy
  • Crown Heights Preparatory School
  • Royal Legacy High
  • Imperial Crown Collegiate
  • Kingdom Crest Academy
  • Sovereign Crown High
  • Royal Heritage Institute
  • Monarch’s Gate High School
  • Crowned Heights Academy
  • Regal Empire High
  • Noble Crown Institute
  • Royal Regency Academy
  • Majesty’s Summit High School
  • Imperial Heights Collegiate
  • Royal Sovereign School
  • Crowned Glory Academy

Modern High School Names: Names for Today’s Schools

  • Horizon High
  • Nexus Academy
  • Fusion Prep
  • Innovate Institute
  • Venture High School
  • Momentum Collegiate
  • Catalyst Academy
  • Nexus High School
  • Fusion Academy
  • Summit Prep
  • Visionary High
  • Innovate Collegiate
  • Propel High School
  • Nova Academy
  • Evolve Institute
  • Horizon Prep
  • Envision High School
  • Catalyst Prep
  • Vertex Collegiate
  • Nexus Prep
  • Ignite High School
  • Innovate Prep
  • Spectrum Academy
  • Ascend High School
  • Synergy Institute
  • Momentum High
  • Eclipse Academy
  • Vanguard High School
  • Apex Institute
  • Inspire Collegiate

Historical High School Names: Names from the Past

The list has names that honor important people or events from history.

  • Renaissance Academy
  • Athenian Heights High
  • Roman Forum Collegiate
  • Medieval Manor School
  • Victorian Valor High
  • Egyptian Dynasty Academy
  • Imperial Rome Institute
  • Byzantine Legacy High
  • Celtic Citadel Academy
  • Samurai Summit School
  • Viking Vanguard High
  • Aztec Apex Academy
  • Persian Empire Preparatory
  • Silk Road Summit High
  • Ottoman Oasis School
  • Mayan Majesty Academy
  • Classical Era Collegiate
  • Colonial Crown High
  • Industrial Revolution Institute
  • Empress Dowager High School
  • Spartan Sanctuary Academy
  • Qing Dynasty Academy
  • Elizabethan Elite High
  • Incan Imperial Institute
  • Babylonian Beacon School
  • Golden Age Academy
  • Gladiatorial Glory High
  • Han Dynasty Heights
  • Mughal Majesty Academy
  • Mesopotamian Legacy High
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Semi Govt High School Names: Working Together for Education

The list has names that sound good for a school that’s part of the government.

  • Unity Heights High School
  • Harmony Academy
  • Alliance Collegiate
  • Concord High School
  • Accord Academy
  • Coalition Preparatory School
  • Fusion Heights High
  • Collaborative Institute
  • Partnership High School
  • Joint Venture Academy
  • Synergy Heights Collegiate
  • Collective Preparatory School
  • Cooperative Academy
  • Mutual Heights High School
  • Accordance Collegiate
  • United Front High School
  • Alliance Preparatory Academy
  • Collaboration Heights High
  • Unified Academy
  • Partnership Preparatory School
  • Teamwork Heights High School
  • Joint Effort Academy
  • Concordance High School
  • Coalition Collegiate
  • Harmony Heights Academy
  • Unity Preparatory School
  • Cooperative Collegiate
  • Fusion Academy for Excellence
  • Accord Heights High
  • Collaborative Preparatory Institute

Boarding High School Names:  A Home Away from Home

This list has names that sound welcoming and friendly, perfect for a school where students live and learn together.

  • Haven Heights Boarding School
  • Serenity Summit Academy
  • Sanctuary Springs High
  • Tranquil Terrace Boarding School
  • Homestead Heights Academy
  • Oasis Haven Boarding School
  • Hearthstone Hall High
  • Cozy Crest Boarding Academy
  • Refuge Ridge High School
  • Sheltered Shores Boarding School
  • Hearthside Haven Academy
  • Eden’s Edge Boarding High
  • Refuge Retreat Boarding School
  • Comfort Cove Academy
  • Respite Ridge Boarding School
  • Solace Springs High
  • Tranquility Towers Boarding Academy
  • Harbor Heights High School
  • Sheltering Pines Boarding School
  • Hearthstone Haven High
  • Refuge Ravine Boarding Academy
  • Solitude Summit High School
  • Serene Springs Boarding School
  • Comfort Cottage Academy
  • Eden’s Embrace High School
  • Sheltered Shores Boarding Academy
  • Refuge Ridge High
  • Cozy Cabin Boarding School
  • Oasis Oaks High School
  • Haven Heights Boarding Academy

International High School Names: Bringing the World Together

Looking for a name that reflects your school’s global perspective? This list has names that sound inclusive and welcoming to students from all over the world.

  • Global Harmony High
  • Unity International School
  • World Bridge Academy
  • International Fusion High
  • Harmony Heights International
  • Unity Global School
  • Worldview High School
  • International Connections Academy
  • Global Nexus High
  • Harmony International Academy
  • World Citizen High
  • Global Diversity High School
  • International Beacon Academy
  • Harmony Horizon High
  • World Harmony Institute
  • International Unity High
  • Global Horizon High School
  • Harmony Bridge Academy
  • World Class Academy
  • International Fusion Academy
  • Global Link High
  • Harmony Gateway High
  • Worldly Heights High School
  • International Horizon Academy
  • Global Connection High
  • Harmony International Institute
  • Worldview Academy
  • International Nexus High
  • Global Bridge High School
  • Unity World Academy

Vocational High School Names: Learning for What You Love

This list has names that highlight the focus on practical skills and career training at your school.

  • CareerCraft High School
  • Vocational Vantage Academy
  • SkillSet High School
  • TradeTrek Academy
  • Craftsmanship High
  • CareerCrafters Academy
  • SkillBuilders High School
  • VocationVerse Academy
  • TradeTech High
  • Craftsmaster High School
  • Vocational Voyage Academy
  • SkillSavvy High
  • TradeTalent Academy
  • CareerCraze High School
  • Craftsmanship Academy
  • SkillSync High
  • TradeCrafters High School
  • VocationVenture Academy
  • CareerPath High
  • Craftsmanship Central School
  • SkillSpot Academy
  • TradeTech Institute
  • VocationVista High School
  • CareerCrafters Institute
  • SkillForge Academy
  • TradeCraft High School
  • VocationVision Academy
  • CareerFocus High
  • Craftsmanship Institute
  • SkillSculpt High School

Online High School Names: Learning Without Limits

Need a name that reflects the flexibility and innovation of online learning? This list has names that sound modern and tech-savvy.

  • Infinite Horizon Online High
  • Unbounded Learning Academy
  • Limitless Heights Online School
  • Virtual Horizon High School
  • Beyond Borders Online Academy
  • Infinite Learning Institute
  • Apex Online High School
  • Unlimited Potential Academy
  • Virtual Vista High School
  • Horizon Explorer Online School
  • Open Sky Online Academy
  • Limitless Learning Hub
  • Global Gateway Online High
  • Frontier Online High School
  • Summit Online Academy
  • Skyward Online High School
  • Evergreen Online Academy
  • Nexus Online High School
  • Pioneer Online Academy
  • Elevate Online High School
  • Infinity Online Academy
  • Horizon Reach Online High
  • Liberty Online High School
  • Nova Online Academy
  • Empower Online High School
  • Summit View Online Academy
  • Pathway Online High School
  • Spectrum Online Academy
  • Endeavor Online High School
  • Momentum Online Academy

Science High School Names: Reaching for the Stars

This list has names that inspire curiosity and a love of science, perfect for a school focused on STEM education.

  • Stellar Science High School
  • Cosmos Academy
  • Infinity Science Institute
  • Celestial Heights High School
  • Galaxy Gate Science School
  • Nova Nexus High School
  • Horizon Science Academy
  • Quantum Quest High School
  • Eclipse Elite Science School
  • Astral Academy
  • Nebula High School
  • Orion Outreach Science School
  • Radiant Ray Science Academy
  • Supernova Science High
  • Solaris Science Institute
  • Luminary Science High School
  • Constellation Academy
  • Interstellar Science School
  • Apollo Academy
  • Fusion Frontier Science High School
  • Voyager Vista Science Academy
  • Genesis Science High
  • Astro Apex Science School
  • Metamorphosis Science Academy
  • Aurora Ascend Science High School
  • Pulsar Peak Science Academy
  • Helios High School
  • Spectrum Science Institute
  • Infinity Inquest Science High
  • Spectrum Science Academy
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Artistic Names for High Schools

Looking for a name that celebrates artistic expression? This list has names that evoke creativity, imagination, and the beauty of the arts.

  • Creativity Canvas High School
  • Inspire Academy
  • Artistic Expressions High School
  • Visionary Vanguard Academy
  • Creative Edge High School
  • Imagination Institute
  • Artistry Avenue High School
  • Innovation High School of the Arts
  • Muse Manor Academy
  • Brushstroke High School
  • Artisan Academy
  • Imagineer Institute
  • Palette Palace High School
  • Creative Canvas Academy
  • Artistic Odyssey High School
  • Vision Quest Academy
  • Innovate Institute of the Arts
  • Artisanal High School
  • Muse Muse Academy
  • The Creative Cauldron High School
  • Imagination Ignited Academy
  • Artistic Fusion High School
  • Creative Catalyst Academy
  • Expressionist High School
  • Imagination Station Academy
  • Artistic Endeavor High School
  • Visionary Vista Academy
  • Creative Spark High School
  • Artistic Ascent Academy
  • Innovator’s Artistry High School
high school names

Tips For Picking the High School Names

Choosing a name for your school is a big decision! It’s like the first impression your school makes, so you want it to be a good one. This guide will give you some tips to help you pick the best High School Names possible.

What Makes a Great School Name?

A great school name tells everyone what your school is all about. Does your school focus on helping students become well-rounded individuals? Or maybe your school is all about science and technology? Your school’s name should reflect these things.

Tips for Brainstorming High School Names:

  • Think about your school’s mission statement. This is a fancy way of saying what your school’s main goals are. Does your mission statement talk about creativity? Maybe a name with “Arts” or “Imagination” would be a good fit!
  • Who are your students? Are you opening a school for boys, girls, or everyone? Knowing this can help you pick a name that everyone will feel comfortable with.
  • Does your school have a special location or history? Maybe it’s near a river or named after a famous person. You could use this as inspiration for your school’s name!
  • Pick a name that’s easy to remember and say. Nobody wants to go to a school with a name they can’t even pronounce!
  • Try to avoid names that might sound silly or outdated in a few years.

How to Choose the Best Name:

  • Once you have a few ideas, ask your friends, family, and even some future students what they think! Getting other people’s opinions can help you narrow down your choices.
  • Make sure the name you pick isn’t already being used by another school. You can usually check this online.
  • See if there’s a website address (like https://www.name.com/domains/school) and social media handles (like Facebook or Instagram) available with the same name. It’s best if everything matches!

Bonus Tips:

  • Does the name make you think of a cool mascot for your school?
  • Remember, this name will be with your school for a long time! Choose something you’re really happy with.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Best Names for High Schools

While the core tips on brainstorming and selection are crucial, here are some additional considerations to elevate your names for the high school selection process:

Evoking Emotion:

  • Inspiration & Motivation: Can your school name inspire feelings of ambition, curiosity, or a love of learning?
  • Community & Belonging: Does the name foster a sense of togetherness and belonging for students and staff?
  • Tradition & Legacy: Consider names that hint at a rich history or tradition you’d like to establish for your school.

Future-Proofing Your Name:

  • Adaptability: Can the name accommodate future growth or changes in your school’s focus?
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of potential cultural insensitivity in the name’s meaning or pronunciation across different backgrounds.
  • Legal Considerations: Research any potential trademark conflicts or legal roadblocks associated with the name.

The Power of Storytelling:

  • Meaningful Connection: Does the name have a story behind it? A historical reference, a local landmark, or a symbolic meaning can create a deeper connection.
  • Memorable Narrative: Can you craft a captivating story around the name’s origin, adding a unique layer to your school’s identity?


We’ve given you tons of name ideas for your school, all sorted into different lists to make things easier. There are high school names for creative schools, serious schools, schools for boys or girls, and even schools that are part of the government!

On top of all these name ideas, we’ve also given you some tips to help you choose the very best one. Choosing a name is a big decision, so take your time and pick something you love! This guide has everything you need to find the perfect name for your school. Good luck!


Ideally, choose a name during the early planning stages of establishing your school. This allows for time to secure the name legally and build brand recognition.

Community involvement can be valuable. Consider hosting naming contests or surveys to gather public input while ensuring the chosen name aligns with your school’s vision.

Don’t be discouraged! Conduct thorough trademark searches and consider alternative names with a similar spirit.

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