Mayan Names

Do you need special name ideas for your babies and pets that whisper ancient stories and connections to powerful gods? well, Mayan names have that kind of magic! The Mayans, who lived in Central America long ago, had super cool names that told stories about themselves and the world around them. We have collected these names for you.

This collection is amazing and you’ll find out how Mayan name ideas could tell you if someone was a brave warrior, or a wise leader. Remember those superstrong superheroes we love today? The Mayans had them too, but way cooler – they were gods! These powerful gods had awesome names that people used for their kids. We’ll show you some of these god names as well.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a whole bunch of Mayan names at your fingertips, all with different meanings. We’ll have names for boys, girls, and even some that work for anyone. It’ll be like having a secret decoder ring to unlock the mysteries of Mayan name ideas!

So, are you ready to explore the fascinating world of Mayan names? Grab your imagination and let’s get started! our guide will be your treasure map, leading you to the perfect name, filled with history, adventure, and the spirit of an incredible civilization.

550+ Best Mayan Names

  • Itzel – Rainbow lady
  • Ixchel – Goddess of the moon
  • Hunab – One god
  • Ahau – King or lord
  • Balam – Jaguar
  • Chac – Rain god
  • Ek’ – Star
  • Kan – Snake
  • K’in – Sun
  • Kukulkan – Feathered serpent
  • Noh – Great or large
  • Yumil – Lord
  • Kinich – Sun face
  • Ajaw – Noble or ruler
  • Akna – Mother
  • Chimalmat – Shield bearer
  • Ixmucane – Grandmother of the gods
  • Xbalanque – Jaguar deer
  • Zipacna – Mountain maker
  • Yax – First or green
  • Cabrakan – Earthquake
  • Euan – Born of the yew tree
  • Ixtab – Goddess of suicide
  • Muan – Owl
  • Ah Puch – God of death
  • Camazotz – Bat god
  • Hunahpu – One blowgunner
  • Ixquic – Blood woman
  • Tzakol – Creator god
  • Yopaat – Huracan god

Unique Mayan Names

Want a super cool name that nobody else has? This list is full of special Mayan names you won’t hear every day!

God Mayan Names

Imagine having a name as strong as a god! This list has cool names inspired by the amazing Mayan gods.

  • Itzamna – God of creation, wisdom, and the sky.
  • K’inich Ajaw – Sun god.
  • Chac – Rain god.
  • Yum Kaax – God of agriculture and nature.
  • Ix Chel – Goddess of the moon, fertility, and medicine.
  • Ah, Puch – God of death and the underworld.
  • Ek Chuaj – God of war and merchants.
  • Hunahpu – One of the hero twins, associated with ball games.
  • Xbalanque – The other hero twin, associated with ball games.
  • Kukulkan – Feathered serpent god, associated with wind and rain.
  • Bolon Tzacab – God of agriculture and fertility.
  • Ix Ch’up – Goddess of weaving and childbirth.
  • Ah, Mun – Maize god.
  • Ix Tab – Goddess of suicide.
  • Kan Ek’ – Venus as the evening star.
  • Xaman Ek – God of the north star and travelers.
  • Chaac Bolay – Jaguar god.
  • Acan – God of wine and intoxication.
  • Ah, Hulneb – War god.
  • Ah Uuc Ticab – Earth god.
  • Yaxche – World tree deity.
  • Camazotz – Bat god.
  • Ixtab – Goddess of the noose and suicide.
  • Kisin – God of earthquakes.
  • K’awiil – God of lightning and serpents.
  • Chimalmat – Giantess and mother of Cabrakan and Zipacna.
  • Hobnail – One of the Bacabs, deities of the four directions.
  • Kan Bacab – Bacab of the south.
  • Zac Cimi – God of the north.
  • Ixik Kab – Goddess of earth and bees.

Goddess Mayan Names

Be like a beautiful Mayan goddess with a name that sounds magical! This list has lots of pretty names to choose from.

  • Ix Chel
  • Ix Ch’up
  • Xtabay
  • Xmucane
  • Xquic
  • Ixtab
  • Akna
  • Chak Chel
  • Ix Kan
  • Ix Zacal Nok
  • Ix U
  • Ix Ik’
  • Ix Kanan
  • Ix Hunie
  • Ix Yaxche
  • Ix Ba’lam
  • Ix Buluk
  • Ix Tzunu’un
  • Ix Cak
  • Ix Chitam
  • Ix Chuwen
  • Ix Hunahpu
  • Ix Chaman
  • Ix Akbal
  • Ix Noh
  • Ix Tun
  • Ix Cimi
  • Ix Kib
  • Ix Oc
  • Ix Chac

Traditional Mayan Names for Girls

These are the classic names that Mayan girls have had for a long time. They sound great and never go out of style!

  • Ixchel
  • Citlali
  • Itzel
  • Xoco
  • Akna
  • Sacnite
  • Yolotli
  • Xunan
  • Izel
  • Xoc
  • Kuy
  • Nikté
  • Nahuatl
  • Yumil
  • Ahau
  • Tzolk’in
  • Ahuiliztli
  • Chimalma
  • Zac-Kuk
  • Ahuah
  • Eztli
  • Maatzil
  • Chalchi
  • Lool
  • Ix
  • Chel
  • Kaknab
  • Kan
  • Chanil
  • Alitzel

Traditional Mayan Names for Boys

Mayan boys used to have these strong names. Pick one and feel brave and important!

Creative Mayan Names

Get creative and make up your Mayan name using cool ideas from Mayan stories and nature!

  • Ixil
  • K’uk’ulkan
  • Ixchel
  • K’inich
  • Xun
  • Ixquic
  • K’awiil
  • Ixam
  • Ajaw
  • Balam
  • Xiu
  • Ixik
  • K’atun
  • Chac
  • Xaman
  • Itzel
  • K’in
  • Yaxkin
  • Ixaya
  • Bolon
  • Kan
  • Xul
  • Ixtab
  • Ko’ox
  • Yax
  • Ixim
  • Tzuk
  • Xbalanque
  • Yumil
  • Ixel

Cute Mayan Names

Looking for a sweet name for your baby? This list has adorable Mayan names that sound cute!

  • Kukul
  • Itzel
  • Xun
  • Ahau
  • Imix
  • Izel
  • Kan
  • Nal
  • Tzunun
  • Xaman
  • Xux
  • Ehek
  • Chabi
  • Noche
  • Lol
  • Kanan
  • Nukux
  • Yohl
  • Citlal
  • Pakal
  • Tzotz
  • Xul
  • Zazil
  • Ukit
  • Puk
  • Lahun
  • Kukulkan
  • Qukumatz
  • Bolon
  • Noh

Unisex Mayan Names

Don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl? No problem! These Mayan names work for both!

  • Ahau
  • K’in
  • Kin
  • Itzam
  • K’awiil
  • Xaman
  • Yaxkin
  • Kukulkan
  • Ahmox
  • K’atun
  • Ikal
  • Kan
  • Ukit
  • Yum
  • K’iche’
  • Xul
  • K’iche
  • Hun
  • Yax
  • Kuk
  • Yumil
  • Q’ukumatz
  • Nukup
  • Och
  • Chay
  • Nik
  • Nahuat
  • Ajch
  • K’am
  • Xak

Modern Mayan Name Ideas

Mayan names are still used today! This list features names that are both beautiful and trendy.

  • Iker
  • Xavi
  • Mateo
  • Emiliano
  • Thiago
  • Santiago
  • Gael
  • Lucas
  • Pablo
  • Leo
  • Andres
  • Mateo
  • Gabriel
  • Diego
  • Nicolas
  • Manuel
  • Martin
  • Tomas
  • Sebastian
  • Samuel
  • Alejandro
  • Javier
  • Juan
  • Lorenzo
  • Fernando
  • Marco
  • Antonio
  • Daniel
  • Rodrigo
  • Matias

Nature-Inspired Mayan Names

The Mayans loved nature! This list has names inspired by animals, plants, and the sky.

  • Ixchel (Goddess of the Moon and Rainbows)
  • Ek’ Balam (Black Jaguar, also a Maya archaeological site)
  • K’inich (Sun God)
  • Yaxkin (New Sun, associated with the new year)
  • K’uk’ulkan (Feathered Serpent, god of wind and learning)
  • Ixchel (Goddess of the Moon and Rainbows)
  • Chak (Rain, Rain God)
  • Tz’unun (Hummingbird)
  • Ixim (Maize)
  • Chan (Sky, also associated with the Moon)
  • Pax (Parrot)
  • Tz’ikin (Bird, especially associated with the Quetzal)
  • Yax (Green, Blue-Green)
  • Xaman (North Star)
  • Ahau (Lord, King, Master)
  • K’an (Yellow, Gold)
  • Ceh (Red, Blood)
  • Uch (Honey)
  • Noh (Large, Grand)
  • Zazil (Light, Radiance)
  • Tzalam (Tree of Life)
  • Ikal (Spirit)
  • K’atun (Earth, Earthquake)
  • Kan (Yellow, Ripe, Mature)
  • Tz’ak (Stone, Flint)
  • Xoc (Serpent)
  • Akmal (Night)
  • Che’el (Rainbow)
  • Xul (Dog, the Maya name for Venus)
  • Xibalba (Place of Fear, the underworld in Maya mythology)

Tips for Choosing Mayan Names for Babies & Pets

Considering a Mayan name for your little one, human or furry? Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect Mayan Names ever:

Meaning & Mythology:

  • Go Deep: Mayan names are rich with meaning. Explore Mayan gods, goddesses, creation myths, and nature references to find names that resonate.
  • Consider the Symbolism: Animals like Balam (Jaguar – strength) or Ixchel (Rainbow Lady – beauty) hold significance in Mayan culture.
  • Beware of Deity Names:  Some names, like Ixtab (goddess of suicide), might not be the best fit for a child.
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Pronunciation & Usage:

  • Say it Out Loud: Make sure you and those close to you can comfortably pronounce the name.
  • Think about Nicknames: Will the name lend itself to cute or appropriate nicknames?
  • Research Popularity:  Consider how common the name is in your area to avoid confusion.

For Pets:

  • Match the Personality:  Pick a name that reflects your pet’s temperament.  Balam could suit a strong feline, while Itzel (Rainbow) might be perfect for a vibrant bird.
  • Sound & Length:  Choose Mayan Names with clear sounds your pet can learn to recognize. Shorter names might be easier for training.
  • Avoid Confusion with Commands: Steer clear of names that sound too similar to common commands like “sit” or “stay.


Our guide gave you tons of cool Mayan names for boys, girls, and even pets! Delve into categorized sections overflowing with possibilities. Discover classic names for girls and boys that resonate with timeless elegance. Whether you seek a name bursting with cuteness for your little one or a powerful choice for your pet, we have you covered.  For those seeking modern flair, we’ve included a section dedicated to Mayan names that have stood the test of time.

So, dive into the world of Mayan names and unlock a secret decoder ring to a fascinating civilization. With this guide by your side, you’re sure to find the perfect name, brimming with history, adventure, and the spirit of the Maya!


The Mayans didn’t have one single “top dog” god. They believed in lots of different gods and goddesses for different things. Itzamna is one of the most important gods, kind of like a super wise sky god.

Nope! The Mayans had a bunch of different city-states, each with its ruler. These rulers were kind of like kings, but they only ruled their cities.

If you saw a sparkly thing in the night sky, the Mayans might call it “ek” which means “star.”

That’s a good question! Archaeologists think the name “Maya” might come from a Yucatec word for “those who came from elsewhere.” It’s kind of a nickname that stuck around!

The Maya people had different names for themselves depending on the specific Mayan culture or city-state. They often used words related to their language or their location.

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