Unique & Creative Prince Names for Your Royal Characters

Prince Names

Ever wanted to pick the perfect name for a prince? Maybe you’re a parent excited about a new baby boy, a gamer creating a super-strong gamer tag, a writer bringing a story to life, or someone cool who wants a fancy username. we are sharing prince names for you to pick from!

For parents, picking a name is a big deal. You want a name that shows how much you love your son and all the amazing things you hope he’ll do. These lists have plenty of ideas, ranging from old-fashioned names with a rich history to brand-new ones that sound both classic and modern.

There are so many gamers, that have so many kinds of princes in their heads. Some may want to be a brave knight, a super-smart strategist, or a leader everyone follows. The name you pick can set the whole story for your character. Use these names in our guide to fire up your imagination and create a legendary prince for your game.

Now if you’re a writer or a content creator, listen up! Picking a good prince name is super important. It’s the first thing people know about your prince and helps them understand what he’s like. Is he serious and responsible, a bit of a joker with a good heart, or a prince who wants to escape the castle walls? Each name on these lists can help you tell your story and build your character’s personality.

That is not all we have prince names are suitable for social media users as well. Your username is like your online crown. So you are here that means you want a name that sounds super important and fancy, or something more fun and light-hearted? Maybe you want a name that hints at your prince’s hidden talents.

Our lists have tons of options for prince name ideas to choose from, so you can create a username for your WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, or TikTok.

So, get ready to explore this collection of names, each one a chance to find the perfect fit for your prince. No matter if you’re a parent, a gamer, a writer, or a social media star, there’s a perfect name waiting to be picked on these lists. Time to start your prince-naming adventure!

550+ Best Prince Names: Explore Creative and Clever Ideas!

Here, you’ll discover a vast collection of prince names categorized to fit your specific needs. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect name that makes him shine!  So don’t wait, start searching today and find the name that will be your prince’s forever!

  • Orion
  • Zenith
  • Phoenix
  • Avalon
  • Cassius
  • Oberon
  • Zephyr
  • Apollo
  • Elysian
  • Magnus
  • Sirius
  • Ember
  • Evander
  • Solstice
  • Orion
  • Galen
  • Azriel
  • Alaric
  • Thorne
  • Dorian
  • Rylan
  • Lucian
  • Kael
  • Leander
  • Adonis
  • Silas
  • Xander
  • Soren
  • Caspian
  • Ravenna

Prince Name Ideass:

This list has lots and lots of great prince names to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you love!

  • Alexander
  • Sebastian
  • Gabriel
  • Nicholas
  • Maximilian
  • Dominic
  • Theodore
  • Julian
  • Elijah
  • Raphael
  • Adrian
  • Atticus
  • Leonardo
  • Vincent
  • Benjamin
  • Matthias
  • Oliver
  • Marcus
  • Xavier
  • Lucian
  • Casimir
  • Augustus
  • Finnian
  • Lysander
  • Caspian
  • Leopold
  • Dorian
  • Constantine
  • Thaddeus
  • Octavius

Royal Prince Names:

These prince names sound super important and fancy, just like a real prince from a long time ago.

  • Alexander
  • William
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Charles
  • Frederick
  • George
  • Louis
  • Nicholas
  • Arthur
  • James
  • Albert
  • Philip
  • Richard
  • David
  • Andrew
  • Maximilian
  • Oscar
  • Sebastian
  • Raphael
  • Julian
  • Ferdinand
  • Theodore
  • Leopold
  • Constantine
  • Christian
  • Gabriel
  • Oliver
  • Benjamin
  • Zachary

Noble Prince Names:

These prince names make people think your prince is kind and fair, a great leader for everyone.

  • Prince Alexander
  • Prince Sebastian
  • Prince Theodore
  • Prince Gabriel
  • Prince Nicholas
  • Prince Adrian
  • Prince Raphael
  • Prince Julian
  • Prince Maximilian
  • Prince Dominic
  • Prince Christian
  • Prince Matthias
  • Prince Lucas
  • Prince Vincent
  • Prince Frederick
  • Prince Edward
  • Prince Henry
  • Prince Leopold
  • Prince Arthur
  • Prince Benjamin
  • Prince William
  • Prince Louis
  • Prince Oliver
  • Prince Christopher
  • Prince Philip
  • Prince Atticus
  • Prince Cormac
  • Prince Octavius
  • Prince Lysander
  • Prince Thaddeus

Wise Prince Names:

Does your prince like to think a lot and make good decisions? These prince name ideas show everyone he’s super smart.

  • Prince Eldrian
  • Prince Thaddeus
  • Prince Lysander
  • Prince Aurelius
  • Prince Evander
  • Prince Caspian
  • Prince Galen
  • Prince Cedric
  • Prince Lucian
  • Prince Darian
  • Prince Cyrus
  • Prince Octavian
  • Prince Leopold
  • Prince Alaric
  • Prince Rafael
  • Prince Tobias
  • Prince Finnian
  • Prince Emrys
  • Prince Adrian
  • Prince Percival
  • Prince Aric
  • Prince Corbin
  • Prince Gideon
  • Prince Declan
  • Prince Maximilian
  • Prince Desmond
  • Prince Theodric
  • Prince Nikolai
  • Prince Tristan
  • Prince Benedict
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Creative Names For Princes:

Looking for a name that’s different and special, just like your prince? These Names For Princes are one-of-a-kind to pick from!

  • Prince Dashingheart
  • Royal Majesty
  • Prince Evergleam
  • Noble Highness
  • Prince Valiant
  • Radiant Crown
  • Prince Goldenstride
  • Sovereign Grace
  • Prince Starlight
  • Regal Charm
  • Prince Silvercrest
  • Majestic Beacon
  • Prince Velvetgaze
  • Imperial Splendor
  • Prince Azureglow
  • Royal Ember
  • Prince Ethereal
  • Noble Radiance
  • Prince Moonbeam
  • Regal Enchantment
  • Prince Sunspark
  • Royal Galant
  • Prince Twilightgleam
  • Noble Luminary
  • Prince Daybreak
  • Sovereign Eclat
  • Prince Shadowdance
  • Royal Luminescence
  • Prince Frostglimmer
  • Imperial Gleam

Cool Prince Names For Gamers:

These prince names sound awesome and everyone will think your prince is super awesome too!

  • Shadowblade Prince
  • Arcane Crown
  • Frostfire Prince
  • Phantom Regent
  • Thunderstrike Sovereign
  • Darkstorm Prince
  • Blizzard Reign
  • Nightfall Monarch
  • Inferno King
  • Eclipse Prince
  • Mystic Throne
  • Venomous Prince
  • Voidborne Sovereign
  • Celestial Monarch
  • Doombringer Prince
  • Stormborn King
  • Ghostflame Prince
  • Astral Sovereign
  • Chaoslord Prince
  • Dracofire King

Fancy Prince Names:

These prince names sound elegant and important, perfect for a prince who loves nice things.

  • Prince Reginald of Chatsworth
  • Prince Theodore of Windermere
  • Prince Maximilian of Belgrave
  • Prince Sebastian of Thornfield
  • Prince Augustus of Pembroke
  • Prince Montgomery of Ashbourne
  • Prince Percival of Fairhaven
  • Prince Bartholomew of Exeter
  • Prince Lysander of Wycliffe
  • Prince Archibald of Winthrop
  • Prince Benedict of Stirling
  • Prince Leopold of Harrington
  • Prince Roderick of Montclair
  • Prince Cedric of Whitmore
  • Prince Alaric of Pennington
  • Prince Alistair of Kensington
  • Prince Dorian of St. James
  • Prince Barnaby of Kingsbury
  • Prince Casimir of Oakwood
  • Prince Octavius of Cavendish
  • Prince Demetrius of Hartwell
  • Prince Horatio of Beaufort
  • Prince Evander of Sheffield
  • Prince Gideon of Lockwood
  • Prince Lucian of Ellsworth
  • Prince Thaddeus of Blackwell
  • Prince Valerian of Aldridge
  • Prince Wilfred of Wyndham
  • Prince Xavier of Fairchild
  • Prince Zephyrus of Windermere

Romantic Prince Names:

Does your prince have a kind heart and make people feel happy? These prince name ideas show his sweet side.

  • Prince Alessandro
  • Prince Tristan
  • Prince Lorenzo
  • Prince Gabriel
  • Prince Raphael
  • Prince Lucien
  • Prince Julian
  • Prince Adrian
  • Prince Leonardo
  • Prince Dominic
  • Prince Matteo
  • Prince Fabian
  • Prince Sebastian
  • Prince Gabriel
  • Prince Nico
  • Prince Marcello
  • Prince Enzo
  • Prince Alessio
  • Prince Emilio
  • Prince Luca

Charming Prince Names:

Is your prince super likable and everyone wants to be his friend? These prince names show their charm!

  • Prince Charming
  • Prince Adonis
  • Prince Casanova
  • Prince Beau
  • Prince Dashing
  • Prince Enchanting
  • Prince Heartthrob
  • Prince Ravishing
  • Prince Swoonworthy
  • Prince Dreamboat
  • Prince Irresistible
  • Prince Winsome
  • Prince Alluring
  • Prince Captivating
  • Prince Gallant
  • Prince Suave
  • Prince Beguiling
  • Prince Charismatic
  • Prince Magnetic
  • Prince Spellbinding

Badass Prince Names For Gamers:

Some princes are strong and brave! These prince names show everyone your prince isn’t afraid of anything.

  • Prince Valorblade
  • Prince Bloodthorn
  • Prince Shadowstrike
  • Prince Doomfury
  • Prince Warbringer
  • Prince Grimclaw
  • Prince Darkheart
  • Prince Frostfang
  • Prince Ironclad
  • Prince Thunderstorm
  • Prince Nightshade
  • Prince Deathgrip
  • Prince Hellfire
  • Prince Blacksteel
  • Prince Vortexblade
  • Prince Inferno
  • Prince Skullcrusher
  • Prince Venomfang
  • Prince Ravencrown
  • Prince Stormbreaker
  • Prince Demonblade
  • Prince Shadowflame
  • Prince Dreadnought
  • Prince Frostbite
  • Prince Thunderstrike
  • Prince Warhammer
  • Prince Darkslayer
  • Prince Dragonheart
  • Prince Ironfist
  • Prince Chaosreign

Warrior Prince Names Gamers:

These prince names sound tough and strong, perfect for a prince who loves battles and adventures.

  • Prince Valorborne
  • Prince Bloodaxe
  • Prince Ironclad
  • Prince Warhammer
  • Prince Thunderstrike
  • Prince Shadowblade
  • Prince Nightfall
  • Prince Stormbringer
  • Prince Fireheart
  • Prince Frostbite
  • Prince Darkslayer
  • Prince Swiftstrike
  • Prince Dragonborn
  • Prince Dreadnought
  • Prince Skullcrusher
  • Prince Ravager
  • Prince Battleborn
  • Prince Steelstorm
  • Prince Shadowhunter
  • Prince Bladestorm
  • Prince Thunderclap
  • Prince Frostborn
  • Prince Flameblade
  • Prince Darkthorn
  • Prince Ironsoul
  • Prince Warcry
  • Prince Bloodfury
  • Prince Stormrage
  • Prince Thunderous
  • Prince Valorstrike

Fantasy Inspired Prince Names:

These prince names sound like they came from a magical world, perfect for your fantasy story or game.

  • Prince Thalion
  • Prince Eldarion
  • Prince Galadriel
  • Prince Elrohir
  • Prince Arandor
  • Prince Valerian
  • Prince Erendil
  • Prince Aelar
  • Prince Draven
  • Prince Elric
  • Prince Thranduil
  • Prince Aldarion
  • Prince Lytharion
  • Prince Eolande
  • Prince Arion
  • Prince Seraphiel
  • Prince Eridor
  • Prince Alaric
  • Prince Ithilien
  • Prince Celeborn
  • Prince Anduril
  • Prince Galanor
  • Prince Elendir
  • Prince Amroth
  • Prince Eldarian
  • Prince Thalorian
  • Prince Elarion
  • Prince Malachor
  • Prince Valarian
  • Prince Elowen

Mythical Names Of Princes:

These Names Of Princes are inspired by myths and legends, making your prince sound super cool.

  • Prince Orion
  • Prince Apollo
  • Prince Hermes
  • Prince Triton
  • Prince Perseus
  • Prince Atlas
  • Prince Zeus
  • Prince Achilles
  • Prince Theseus
  • Prince Hermes
  • Prince Ares
  • Prince Poseidon
  • Prince Helios
  • Prince Hades
  • Prince Dionysus
  • Prince Morpheus
  • Prince Prometheus
  • Prince Hyperion
  • Prince Cadmus
  • Prince Eros
  • Prince Hermes
  • Prince Pan
  • Prince Narcissus
  • Prince Endymion
  • Prince Icarus
  • Prince Orpheus
  • Prince Apollo
  • Prince Hermes
  • Prince Adonis
  • Prince Triton

Alfa Prince Names:

These prince name ideas sound strong and in charge, perfect for a prince who is a natural leader.

  • Alpha Prime
  • Alpha Magnus
  • Alpha Titan
  • Alpha Valor
  • Alpha Vanguard
  • Alpha Sovereign
  • Alpha Apex
  • Alpha Dominus
  • Alpha Maximus
  • Alpha Supreme
  • Alpha Regent
  • Alpha Dominator
  • Alpha Monarch
  • Alpha Tyrant
  • Alpha Conqueror
  • Alpha Commandant
  • Alpha Imperator
  • Alpha Legionnaire
  • Alpha Overlord
  • Alpha Warlord

Sweet Names For Prince:

These Names For Princes show your prince’s gentle and caring side. Here is the list of name ideas!

  • Prince Everheart
  • Prince Darling
  • Prince Cherub
  • Prince Angelic
  • Prince Sweetheart
  • Prince Adorable
  • Prince Honeybun
  • Prince Cupcake
  • Prince Sugarplum
  • Prince Precious
  • Prince Buttercup
  • Prince Sweetpea
  • Prince Snugglebug
  • Prince Cuddlebug
  • Prince Poppet
  • Prince Cutie Pie
  • Prince Sunshine
  • Prince Dreamboat
  • Prince Heartthrob
  • Prince Lovebug
  • Prince Sweetie Pie
  • Prince Snugglemuffin
  • Prince Teddy Bear
  • Prince Sugar Pie
  • Prince Honeydew
  • Prince Sweetums
  • Prince Candyman
  • Prince Snickerdoodle
  • Prince Marshmallow
  • Prince Sugar Rush
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Prince Names in Other Languages:

Looking for a name with a special meaning from another country? We have those too!

  • Spanish: Príncipe
  • French: Prince
  • Italian: Principe
  • German: Prinz
  • Portuguese: Príncipe
  • Russian: Принц (Prints)
  • Japanese: 王子 (Ōji)
  • Chinese (Mandarin): 王子 (Wángzǐ)
  • Arabic: أمير (Amir)
  • Greek: Πρίγκιπας (Príngkipas)
  • Hindi: राजकुमार (Rājakumār)
  • Korean: 왕자 (Wangja)
  • Swedish: Prins
  • Dutch: Prins
  • Turkish: Prens

Mysterious Prince Names:

Does your prince have a secret side? These prince names add a touch of mystery to his character.

  • Prince Nyx
  • Prince Obsidian
  • Prince Shadowvale
  • Prince Ebon
  • Prince Nocturne
  • Prince Veil
  • Prince Dusk
  • Prince Phantom
  • Prince Abyss
  • Prince Eclipse
  • Prince Midnight
  • Prince Raven
  • Prince Moros
  • Prince Solstice
  • Prince Cryptic
  • Prince Whisper
  • Prince Twilight
  • Prince Enigma
  • Prince Mystic
  • Prince Seraph
  • Prince Nebula
  • Prince Ember
  • Prince Zephyr
  • Prince Thorn
  • Prince Sable

Playful Prince Names:

Is your prince a little bit mischievous? These prince names show his fun and playful personality.

  • Prince Sprinkles
  • Prince Bubbles
  • Prince Whiskerwiggle
  • Prince Snugglebug
  • Prince Doodlebug
  • Prince Fluffykins
  • Prince Giggles
  • Prince Wigglesworth
  • Prince Tickles
  • Prince Cuddlepaws
  • Prince Snickerdoodle
  • Prince Fuzzball
  • Prince Fluffernutter
  • Prince Snugglebunny
  • Prince Squeaky
  • Prince Twinkletoes
  • Prince Snickerdoodle
  • Prince Fuzzywig
  • Prince Boogie
  • Prince Cheeky
  • Prince Snugglekins
  • Prince Sillypants
  • Prince Wigglywoo
  • Prince Pudding
  • Prince Dizzy
  • Prince Snugglefluff
  • Prince Snugglebump
  • Prince Snugglebear
  • Prince Pipsqueak
  • Prince Cuddlebug

Funny Prince Names:

Want a name that will make people smile? These prince name ideas are a bit silly and lighthearted.

  • Prince Chuckles
  • Prince Quirky
  • Prince Snickerdoodle
  • Prince Wacky
  • Prince Goofball
  • Prince Sillypants
  • Prince Gigglesworth
  • Prince Whimsy
  • Prince Dorky
  • Prince Chuckleberry
  • Prince Jester
  • Prince Bumble
  • Prince Doodlebug
  • Prince Snort
  • Prince Boomerang
  • Prince Noodle
  • Prince Bungles
  • Prince Guffaw
  • Prince Snortle
  • Prince Wobble
  • Prince Zany
  • Prince Gigglepants
  • Prince Chucklehead
  • Prince Sillington
  • Prince Quirkster
  • Prince Snickerdoodle
  • Prince Goofy
  • Prince Whoopee
  • Prince Gigglypuff
  • Prince Wackyjack

Dark Prince Names:

Some princes are a little bit mysterious and edgy. These prince names fit a prince with a dark side.

  • Prince Damien
  • Prince Lucius
  • Prince Malachi
  • Prince Darius
  • Prince Lazarus
  • Prince Mordecai
  • Prince Azazel
  • Prince Xander
  • Prince Dante
  • Prince Ragnar
  • Prince Vladmir
  • Prince Thanatos
  • Prince Mordred
  • Prince Draven
  • Prince Samael
  • Prince Thorne
  • Prince Loki
  • Prince Nero
  • Prince Raven
  • Prince Azrael
  • Prince Zephyrus
  • Prince Obsidian
  • Prince Bael
  • Prince Asmodeus
  • Prince Vesper
  • Prince Nyx
  • Prince Hades
  • Prince Belial
  • Prince Styx
  • Prince Abyss

Vampire Inspired Prince Names:

These prince name ideas sound cool and mysterious, perfect for a prince who might be a bit bloodthirsty!

  • Prince Dracul
  • Prince Lysander
  • Prince Vladmir
  • Prince Lucian
  • Prince Thorne
  • Prince Darius
  • Prince Ambrose
  • Prince Caine
  • Prince Vesper
  • Prince Sebastian
  • Prince Leopold
  • Prince Aurelius
  • Prince Dorian
  • Prince Alistair
  • Prince Nikolai
  • Prince Dante
  • Prince Soren
  • Prince Damien
  • Prince Orion
  • Prince Roman
  • Prince Lazarus
  • Prince Asher
  • Prince Uriel
  • Prince Octavian
  • Prince Viktor
  • Prince Raphael
  • Prince Silas
  • Prince Oberon
  • Prince Cyrus
  • Prince Xander

Cute Prince Names:

These prince names are perfect for your adorable little prince, whether he’s a baby boy or a character in your story.

  • Prince Teddy
  • Prince Sunny
  • Prince Pippin
  • Prince Chip
  • Prince Fluffy
  • Prince Sparky
  • Prince Snuggles
  • Prince Fuzzy
  • Prince Tinker
  • Prince Bubbles
  • Prince Sprout
  • Prince Cuddle
  • Prince Buttons
  • Prince Whiskers
  • Prince Peaches
  • Prince Sprinkle
  • Prince Doodle
  • Prince Twinkle
  • Prince Marshmallow
  • Prince Giggles
  • Prince Biscuit
  • Prince Dimples
  • Prince Pudding
  • Prince Wiggles
  • Prince Noodle
  • Prince Bunny
  • Prince Snickers
  • Prince Squeaky

Prince Names From Pop Culture:

Looking for a Prince Name inspired by a famous prince from a movie, book, or TV show? We have those too!

  • Prince Charming (from various fairy tales)
  • Prince Eric (from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”)
  • Prince Phillip (from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”)
  • Prince Naveen (from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”)
  • Prince Hans (from Disney’s “Frozen”)
  • Prince Adam (from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”)
  • Prince Caspian (from “The Chronicles of Narnia” series)
  • Prince Zuko (from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”)
  • Prince Arthur (from BBC’s “Merlin”)
  • Prince Joffrey (from HBO’s “Game of Thrones”)
  • Prince Zephyr (from “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper”)
  • Prince Charmont (from “Ella Enchanted”)
  • Prince Humperdinck (from “The Princess Bride”)
  • Prince Charming (from Shrek series)
  • Prince Derek (from “The Swan Princess” series)
  • Prince Edward (from “Enchanted”)
  • Prince Ferdinand (from “Gnomeo & Juliet”)
  • Prince Henry (from “Ever After: A Cinderella Story”)
  • Prince Dastan (from “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”)
  • Prince Kit (from “Cinderella” adaptations)
  • Prince Thadeous (from “Your Highness”)
  • Prince Justin (from “Sofia the First”)
  • Prince Noctis (from “Final Fantasy XV”)
  • Prince Charming (from “Shrek 2”)
  • Prince Caspian (from “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” film)
  • Prince Akeem (from “Coming to America”)
  • Prince Ali (from Disney’s “Aladdin”)
Prince Names

Tips for Finding the Most Amazing Names For Princes Ever!

Ever wondered how to pick the best name for your prince? We will help you find the good Names For Princes for your prince, no matter what!

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Matching the Name to the Prince

Think about who your prince is:  Is he a brave knight who fights dragons (like Sir Lancelot)?  Is he a wise ruler who makes fair decisions (like King Solomon)? 

Maybe he’s a charming prince who makes everyone smile (like Prince Florian from Snow White).  The kind of prince you have in mind will help you pick a name that fits his personality.

Think about where your prince lives:

Does your prince live in a castle with tall towers (like a historical period)?  Maybe he lives in a magical land with talking animals (like a fantasy story).  Even if your prince is online, you can imagine a cool world for him to live in.  The setting can give you ideas for names that sound like they belong there.

Think about how you want the name to sound:

Do you want a name that sounds strong (like Alexander)?  Maybe you want a name that sounds romantic and sweet (like Romeo).  The way the name sounds can help set the mood for your prince’s story or character.

Look beyond your backyard!

You can have amazing Names For Princes from all over the world.  You can find names that mean “brave” in another language, like “Aiden” which is Irish for “fire.” or names that mean prince or royal or something else.

Read some myths and legends!

These stories are full of cool characters with awesome names.  Maybe you’ll find inspiration from heroes like Hercules or gods like Apollo.

Love movies, books, or TV shows?

There are tons of famous princes out there!  Think of names like Simba from The Lion King or Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Making the Final Choice

Say the name out loud!  Does it sound good with the prince’s last name (if he has one)?  Does it fit the overall feeling you want to create?

Look up the meaning of the name!

Does the meaning make sense for your prince?  For example, the name “Leo” means “lion” which could be perfect for a brave prince.

Ask your friends and family for their opinion!

Sometimes, someone else can hear a name and think, “That’s the perfect name!”

Bonus Tip:

Don’t be afraid to be unique!  While classic names like “Liam” or “Ethan” are great, there are also tons of cool, uncommon names out there.  Maybe your prince deserves a name that’s all his own, like “Zayn” or “Ezra.”

Craft Cool Names Of Princes: Fun Ways to Find Inspiration!

Ever wanted to pick the coolest Names Of Princes? It can be tricky, but don’t worry! We can help you become a super word wizard and create one-of-a-kind prince names.

1. Mix and Match Mythical Names:

Remember all those awesome heroes and gods from stories? Their names sound super strong and cool, right? Here’s a fun trick: take parts of their names and put them together to make a brand-new name!

  • Example: Imagine a brave prince who loves the stars. You could combine “Ares” (Greek god of war) with “Orion” (legendary hunter). The new name “Arion” sounds strong like “Ares” but also reminds you of stars from “Orion.” Perfect for a future king!

2. Play with Words and Sounds:

Want a name that’s easy to remember and sounds fancy? Try using  “alliteration,” which means the first sound of a word is repeated. Or, you can use rhyming words to make the name sound like a song!

  • Example: “Corvus Crest” – This name uses the “C” sound at the beginning of both words, making it sound strong and important. “Caspian Lyric” – This name rhymes, making it sound a little bit playful. Maybe your prince is a brave warrior who also loves poems!

3. Look Back in History:

Kings, queens, and famous warriors from the past all had cool Names Of Princes!  Do some research and see if you can find any names you like. You can even change them a little bit to make them sound more unique.

  • Example: Maybe you like the name “Richard the Lionheart” from history. You could change it to “Roderick Lionheart.” It still sounds brave and strong, but it’s a different name for your prince.

4. Get Inspired by Nature!

Look around at the amazing world outside! Mountains, animals, the weather – they can all give you ideas for cool prince names.

  • Example: “Zephyr Storm” – “Zephyr” is another word for the west wind, which is fast and strong. “Storm” also sounds powerful! This name would be perfect for a prince who’s quick and can handle anything.

5. Borrow Names from Other Countries!

Did you know there are amazing names in other languages? Explore different cultures and see if you find a name you like. You can even translate a word from another language that fits your prince’s personality.

  • Example: “Kai” is a Japanese name that means “ocean.” It sounds simple but cool, and it makes you think of someone who’s deep and wise. Maybe your prince is calm and collected, like the ocean!

Bonus Point of Finding the Perfect Name:

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The most important thing is to pick a name you love that fits your prince perfectly. So have fun and be creative!


We have equipped you with the tools to become a prince-naming extraordinaire.  With a treasure trove of prince names at your fingertips, you can breathe life into any prince, be it a valiant gamer hero, a charming social media persona, or a literary icon destined for greatness.

So, unleash your creativity, explore these name collections, and discover the perfect title for your prince.

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