Libation Legends: Creative Names for Drinks Creation

Names For Drinks

Ever made a killer drink, but then struggled to give it a cool name? You’re not alone! Catchy names for drinks can make your drink more than just something you drink, it’s an experience! It gets people curious, sets the mood, and hints at what the drink might taste like. Instead of a plain “Vodka Soda,” how about a “Sparkling Citrus Sunrise”? Sounds way more fun, right?

Whether you’re a pro bartender or just like to mix things up at home. We’ve got tons of cool names for drinks already listed, sorted by type and theme.  But it’s not just a list!

We’ll also show you some tricks to picking the perfect words.  You’ll learn how to use funny wordplay, and even come up with names.

So explore our lists of name ideas, and give your drinks the awesome names they deserve!

500+ Best Names For Drinks:

These names for drinks are winners every time! They’re clear and easy to understand, letting customers know exactly what’s in the drink. They might not be the craziest names, but they’ll always be popular and make people want to order them.

  • Sunset Serenade
  • Berry Bliss
  • Tropical Temptation
  • Citrus Splash
  • Paradise Punch
  • Mango Tango
  • Island Breeze
  • Ocean Blue
  • Summer Squeeze
  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Berry Burst
  • Mojito Magic
  • Coconut Crush
  • Kiwi Kiss
  • Peachy Keen
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Sunset Surprise
  • Electric Lemonade
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Raspberry Ripple
  • Caribbean Crush
  • Minty Fresh
  • Passionfruit Punch
  • Peach Perfect
  • Melon Madness
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Blueberry Blast
  • Cucumber Cooler
  • Guava Glee

Cool Names For Drinks:

Want names for drinks that are modern, trendy, and super cool? Look no further! This list has names with fun wordplay, references everyone knows, and titles that are just as awesome as your drinks.

  • Frostbite Fizz
  • Arctic Blast
  • Glacier Freeze
  • Icy Elixir
  • Frosty Fusion
  • Polar Punch
  • Arctic Chill
  • Chillax Cooler
  • Winter Wonder
  • Glacier Glow
  • Snowflake Sparkle
  • Frozen Fantasy
  • Chillwave Crush
  • Frostbite Freeze
  • Snowfall Spritz
  • Polar Pop
  • Chilly Cherry
  • Icicle Infusion
  • Frostfire Fizz
  • Winter Whirl
  • Arctic Avalanche
  • Chill Chaser
  • Frostbite Frappe
  • Blizzard Blast
  • Glacier Garnish
  • Snowstorm Sip
  • Arctic Aura
  • Chill Outrage
  • Frosty Fusion
  • Arctic Breeze

Creative Names For Drinks:

Get ready for something different! This category is all about unique names for drinks inspired by books, history, or even magical creatures. These names are perfect for sparking conversation and showing off your one-of-a-kind drinks.

  • Enigma Elixir
  • Mystical Mix
  • Cosmic Cocktail
  • Fantasy Fusion
  • Dreamy Draught
  • Whimsical Whirl
  • Celestial Sip
  • Imagination Infusion
  • Wonderlust Libation
  • Ethereal Elixir
  • Enchanted Essence
  • Mirage Mixer
  • Kaleidoscope Kick
  • Psychedelic Splash
  • Illusion Imbibe
  • Fantasy Fizz
  • Marvelous Mixture
  • Wonderland Whirl
  • Curiosity Cooler
  • Magic Medley
  • Enchantment Elixir
  • Mystique Mixer
  • Sorcerer’s Sip
  • Imaginary Infusion
  • Mythical Mingle
  • Mirage Mocktail
  • Whimsy Whip
  • Dreamweaver Drink
  • Nebula Nectar
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Catchy Names For Soda Drinks:

Short, sweet, and guaranteed to grab attention that’s what these names for drinks are all about! They’ll highlight how refreshing your sodas are and make people want to try them.

  • FizzPop
  • BubblyBlast
  • SodaSpark
  • FizzyFizz
  • PopFizz
  • SparkleSip
  • Bubblicious
  • SodaSplash
  • BubbleBurst
  • FizzTingle
  • SparklingSplash
  • PopSizzle
  • FizzFlare
  • BubblyBlast
  • SodaSurge
  • SparkleSoda
  • PopFizz
  • BubblyBurst
  • FizzFusion
  • SparklingSip

Names For Drinks Shakes:

Milkshake lovers, rejoice! This list gives you all sorts of fun names for drinks for your delicious shakes.

  • ShakeFusion
  • CreamyCrave
  • ShakeSplash
  • FrostyFusion
  • SmoothieSip
  • ShakeSizzle
  • ChocoBliss
  • BerryBlast
  • VanillaVibe
  • CreamyCrush
  • ShakeSurge
  • TropicalTwist
  • MochaMagic
  • ShakeSensation
  • NuttyNectar
  • ShakeWave
  • BerryBliss
  • CreamyDream
  • ShakeBurst
  • ChocoCharm
  • FruitFrenzy
  • ShakeTreat
  • CaramelCrave
  • ShakeDelight
  • FrothyFantasy
  • ProteinPower
  • ShakeDream
  • BananaBonanza
  • Cookies&Cream

Unique Names For Cocktail Drinks:

These names for drinks are just as special as the cocktails themselves! Expect unexpected twists, fun rhymes, and titles that perfectly describe your signature drinks.

  • Mystic Martini
  • Celestial Cosmo
  • Enigma Elixir
  • Galaxy Gimlet
  • Mirage Mojito
  • Ethereal Elixir
  • Whispering Whiskey
  • Secret Sangria
  • Nebula Negroni
  • Stardust Sazerac
  • Moonbeam Margarita
  • Illusion Infusion
  • Dreamcatcher Daiquiri
  • Cosmic Collins
  • Enchanted Espresso Martini
  • Fantasy Fizz
  • Spellbound Spritz
  • Luminous Lemon Drop
  • Mystic Manhattan
  • Wonderlust Whiskey Sour
  • Potion Paloma
  • Starlight Sling
  • Twilight Tequila Sunrise
  • Dreamy Daiquiri
  • Astral Amaretto Sour
  • Mythical Mule
  • Galactic Gin Fizz
  • Serenity Spritz
  • Nebula Negroni
  • Ethereal Elixir

Names For Drinks Smoothies:

Looking for the perfect names for drinks for your healthy and refreshing smoothie? Look no further!

  • BerryBurst
  • TropicalTwist
  • MangoMingle
  • PineappleParadise
  • StrawberrySurge
  • BlueberryBliss
  • PeachyKeen
  • KiwiKiss
  • CitrusSplash
  • GreenGlow
  • SunshineSmoothie
  • BerryBlast
  • CreamyCrush
  • BananaBonanza
  • PineapplePunch
  • MangoMagic
  • BerryDelight
  • TropicalTango
  • KiwiKick
  • CitrusSqueeze
  • GreenGoddess
  • PineapplePassion
  • BerryDream
  • PeachPerfection
  • MangoMania
  • TropicalTreat
  • CitrusZing
  • BerryBreeze
  • SunshineSip
  • GreenGlow

Funny Names For Drinks:

Laughter is the best medicine, and so is a good chuckle with a delicious drink! This category offers lighthearted names for drinks with puns, wordplay, and references that will make your customers smile before they even take a sip.

  • Tipsy Tonic
  • Booze Breeze
  • Drunken Delight
  • Intoxi-Coco
  • Tipsy Tequila Sunrise
  • Wasted Watermelon
  • Tipsy Twist
  • Tipsy Twirl
  • Booze Berry Blast
  • Drunken Dragonfruit
  • Tequila Tango
  • Soused Strawberry
  • Tipsy Tangerine
  • Bacardi Bounce
  • Lush Lemonade
  • Hammered Hibiscus
  • Pickled Peach
  • Bacchanalian Banana
  • Sloshed Strawberry
  • Inebriated Iced Tea
  • Sauced Sangria
  • Lively Limeade
  • Hammered Huckleberry
  • Soused Seltzer
  • Gin Grin
  • Bacardi Buzz
  • Silly Sangria
  • Zany Zinfandel
  • Booze Banter
  • Tequila Tickler
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Fantasy Names For Drinks:

Calling all fantasy fans! This list explores names for drinks inspired by fantastical worlds, mythical creatures, and magical ingredients. These names are perfect for themed bars or adding a touch of whimsy to any menu.

  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Unicorn’s Elixir
  • Fairy Fizz
  • Phoenix Flame
  • Mermaid’s Melody
  • Enchanted Essence
  • Sorcerer’s Spell
  • Pixie Dust
  • Wizard’s Brew
  • Mystic Mirage
  • Celestial Sparkle
  • Elemental Elixir
  • Starlight Serenade
  • Cosmic Concoction
  • Mythical Martini
  • Dreamweaver Draught
  • Wizard’s Whirl
  • Enchanted Ambrosia
  • Unicorn’s Kiss
  • Dragon’s Delight
  • Fairy Froth
  • Phoenix Feather
  • Mermaid’s Mingle
  • Sorcerer’s Secret
  • Pixie Potion
  • Wizard’s Wink
  • Mystic Martini
  • Celestial Citrus
  • Elemental Essence
  • Starlight Spritz
Names For Drinks

Why Choose Unique Names For Drinks?

Let’s make naming drinks more fun! Instead of just calling them “Margarita” or “Screwdriver,” let’s give them names that show off their flavors and style. This guide will help you come up with cool names for your drinks.

Here’s why picking the right name is important:

  1. Catchy Names Get Attention: When a drink has a fun name, people are curious about it. They want to know what’s in it and what it tastes like. It makes them excited to try it.
  2. Sets the Mood: The name of a drink can make you feel a certain way. For example, hearing “Tropical Paradise” makes you think of a relaxing beach, while “Spicy Sunset” sounds exciting and fiery.
  3. Makes it Memorable: A cool name sticks in people’s minds. They’re more likely to remember and order a drink if it has a unique name instead of just a plain one.

Tips on How To Choose Drink Name Ideas

You can use the following tips to choose a better name for your new drink.

Finding Your Perfect Name Style:

  • Classic & Clear: For basic drinks, use descriptive names that get the message across. Think “Sparkling Citrus Punch” or “Vanilla Bean Latte.”
  • Cool & Catchy: Want a trendy vibe? Use wordplay, pop culture references, or slang! “Moscow Mule” and “Espresso Martini” are great examples.
  • Creative & Unique: Channel your inner artist! Draw inspiration from books, history, myths, or even puns. “Spiced Pirate’s Treasure” or “The Great Gatsby” are conversation starters!

Crafting Titles They’ll Love:

  • Wordplay & Fun: Use puns, rhymes, or vivid descriptions to create a memorable image. “Mango Tango” or “Frozen Sunshine” are playful options.
  • Flavor Forward: Highlight key ingredients or taste profiles. “Spicy Margarita” or “Blueberry Bliss” tell people what to expect.
  • Know Your Audience: Are you a relaxing spa or a sports bar? Tailor your names! “Tranquil Turtle” works for a spa, while “Touchdown Punch” fits a sports bar.
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Bonus Tips for Naming Champions:

  • Short & Sweet: Long names can be overwhelming. Keep it catchy!
  • Easy to Say & Spell: Customers shouldn’t struggle to order your drink.
  • No Copycats: Make sure your name isn’t already trademarked.
  • Have Fun! The naming process should be enjoyable. Let your creativity flow and show off your bar’s personality!

Inspirational Ideas To Craft Names For Drinks

Hey cocktail lovers! Ever made a fantastic drink but got stuck on what to call it? No worries! I’ve got some tips for making drink names as awesome as your creation.

First, think about your ingredients! If it’s fruity, use fun words that start with the same letter or rhyme, like ‘Mango Tango’ or ‘Pineapple Paradise.’ For spicy drinks, go for names that hint at heat, such as ‘Spicy Sunset’ or ‘Dragon’s Breath.’ And for herbal drinks, try classy names like ‘Lavender Lullaby’ or ‘Rosemary Reviver.’

But drinks are more than just ingredients! Get creative with references. If you love books, name your drinks after famous characters or books, like ‘Sherlock Spritzer’ or ‘Moby Dick Margarita.’ History buff? Try names like ‘Roaring Twenties Fizz’ or ‘Victorian Violet Cocktail.’ Feeling mythical? Go wild with names like ‘Mermaid Mist’ or ‘Midas Mule.’

Think about the senses too! Use colors to describe your drink, like ‘Sunset Sangria’ or ‘Blueberry Moon Martini.’ Connect with the seasons with names like ‘Autumn Apple Crisp’ or ‘Summer Solstice Spritzer.’ And don’t forget emotions – names like ‘Tranquil Turtle Tea’ or ‘Love Potion Punch’ can make people feel something special.

And here’s a secret trick – double meanings! Puns and wordplay add a fun twist. Try an ‘Old Fashioned Fashionista’ for your classic drink or ‘Salty Sea Dog’ for a Bloody Mary. ‘Mint to Be’ for your Mojito? Genius!

Remember, the best names are unique, easy to remember, and capture the spirit of your drink. So have fun, be creative, and let your imagination run wild. Cheers to making drink names as unforgettable as your cocktails!


We showed you how to pick awesome names for drinks. Names that make people want to try them, start conversations, and make your drinks extra special.

We gave you lists of different types of names, from classic favorites to fun and crazy ones. We also shared some secret tricks, like using wordplay, highlighting flavors, and picking names that fit your customers.

Now it’s your turn to get creative! Use these lists and tips to find the perfect names for your drinks.


Absolutely! Keep it catchy and easy to remember. Long names can be overwhelming for customers.

Look everywhere! Books, history, mythology, or even puns can spark creative ideas.

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