Underworld Unveiled: Intriguing Names Of Mafia for Your Shadowy Syndicate

Names Of Mafia

Like in those movies, with the fancy suits and secret codes? Maybe you’re just playing a fun game with friends, or writing a cool story about the mafia. No matter why, you need super awesome names of mafia for your mafia family! But picking a name can be tricky.

But nothing to worry about when we are here to help! As an expert, I know a mafia name should sound tough and maybe a little bit funny too.  We have tons of ideas to get you started. Maybe you want a name that sounds fancy and Italian or creative and unique. We got you. 

Maybe you are looking for something super strong? We have that too. Maybe you want something funny to make your friends laugh? Yep, we have those too!

So you can pick the coolest names of mafia ever for your mafia family of friends or gamers clan online. Or maybe you are going to use it in your next YouTube video. We’ll show you a bunch of ideas and you can pick the name you want.  

You can also see our tips section that we have shared to help you choose the best name for mafia. By the end, you’ll be a mafia name master!

500+ Best Names of Mafia

These names of mafia combine strength and class, perfect for a mafia family that demands respect.

  • The Crimson Syndicate
  • Blackhand Brotherhood
  • The Diamond Cartel
  • Midnight Shadows
  • The Falcon Clan
  • Serpent’s Grasp
  • The Iron Fist Coalition
  • The Golden Lions
  • Blood Moon Society
  • The Silver Bullet Crew
  • The Ghostface Order
  • The Jade Circle
  • Nightshade Mafia
  • The Emerald Enclave
  • The Phoenix Brotherhood
  • Dark Star Cartel
  • The Cobalt Crew
  • The Velvet Dagger Society
  • The Obsidian Ring
  • The Ruby Throne Syndicate
  • The Ivory Dagger Clan
  • The Onyx Legion
  • The Sapphire Serpents
  • The Steel Shadow Cartel
  • The Black Lotus Order
  • The Golden Cobra Syndicate
  • The Crimson Crown Brotherhood
  • The Platinum Eagles
  • The Silver Serpent Society
  • The Ruby Rats

Fearless Names of Mafia

Inspire fear in your enemies with these intimidating mafia names.

  • The Ruthless Reapers
  • Death’s Hand Syndicate
  • The Viper Vanguard
  • The Grim Executioners
  • The Terror Titans
  • The Inferno Brotherhood
  • The Carnage Cartel
  • The Skullcrusher Clan
  • The Hellfire Consortium
  • The Bonebreakers
  • The Nocturnal Nightmare Syndicate
  • The Savage Shadows
  • The Desolation Dynasty
  • The Venomous Vipers
  • The Bloodthirsty Banshees
  • The Wraith Warriors
  • The Malevolent Mavericks
  • The Dark Desperados
  • The Torment Titans
  • The Abyssal Assassins
  • The Sinister Slayers
  • The Dread Dominion
  • The Fearsome Fiends
  • The Merciless Marauders
  • The Pitiless Predators
  • The Harrowing Horde
  • The Nefarious Nightstalkers
  • The Raging Ravens
  • The Diabolical Dominators
  • The Terrifying Tyrants

Badass Names of Mafia

Short, punchy, and in-your-face these names of mafia mean business

  • The Apex Predators
  • The Warlord Syndicate
  • The Renegade Rogues
  • The Thunderbolt Titans
  • The Shadow Warriors
  • The Ironclad Invaders
  • The Avalanche Armada
  • The Lethal Legends
  • The Bulletproof Brigade
  • The Stormbringer Syndicate
  • The Hellhound Horde
  • The Razorblade Renegades
  • The Deathwish Dynasty
  • The Mercenary Mavericks
  • The Steel Sentinel Society
  • The Riotmakers
  • The Gunslinger Gang
  • The Savage Saints
  • The Outlaw Outcasts
  • The Maverick Mob
  • The Wildfire Warriors
  • The Berserker Brotherhood
  • The Falcon Fighters
  • The Reckless Raiders
  • The Skullcrushers
  • The Vortex Vanguard
  • The Apex Assassins
  • The Infernal Incendiaries
  • The Hammerhead Horde
  • The Immortal Outlaws

Cool Names of Mafia

Strike a balance between sophistication and edge with these unique mafia family names.

  • The Eclipse Syndicate
  • The Neon Knights
  • The Velvet Underground
  • The Chrome Crew
  • The Twilight Titans
  • The Sapphire Syndicate
  • The Electric Empire
  • The Midnight Marauders
  • The Cobalt Cartel
  • The Platinum Panthers
  • The Shadowfax Syndicate
  • The Cosmic Cartel
  • The Mercury Mob
  • The Prism Pioneers
  • The Solar Saints
  • The Obsidian Order
  • The Galactic Gangsters
  • The Stellar Syndicate
  • The Chrome Cavaliers
  • The Zenith Zephyrs
  • The Lunar Legends
  • The Azure Assassins
  • The Radiant Raiders
  • The Velvet Vanguards
  • The Celestial Cartel
  • The Spectrum Syndicate
  • The Nova Nomads
  • The Mirage Mob
  • The Infinity Invaders
  • The Starlight Sentinels

Catchy Names of Mafia

Memorable and easy to say, these names of mafia will stick in everyone’s mind.

  • The Snap Syndicate
  • The Buzzkill Brotherhood
  • The Zing Zappers
  • The Flash Mobsters
  • The Razzle Dazzle Crew
  • The Zip Zap Cartel
  • The Whizbang Warriors
  • The Jive Joint Gang
  • The Groove Guardians
  • The Swing Shift Syndicate
  • The Quickfire Crew
  • The Snap Crackle Pop Mob
  • The Hip Hop Hustlers
  • The Funky Fusion Family
  • The Beat Drop Brotherhood
  • The Syncopated Syndicate
  • The Jazz Jesters
  • The Boogie Down Brigade
  • The Smooth Operators
  • The Rhythm Raiders
  • The Tempo Titans
  • The Groovy Gangsters
  • The Echo Elite
  • The Spin Cycle Syndicate
  • The Pulse Pounders
  • The Clapback Cartel
  • The Vibe Tribe
  • The Sync Squad
  • The Tempo Team
  • The Groove Grapplers
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Clever Names of Mafia

Witty and playful, these names of mafia add a touch of humor to your mafia world.

  • The Wiseguy Wizards
  • The Brainy Brawlers
  • The Cerebral Syndicate
  • The Sharpshooters’ Society
  • The Cunning Cartel
  • The Brain Trust Brotherhood
  • The Slick Thinkers
  • The Strategy Syndicate
  • The Mindful Mobsters
  • The Calculated Crew
  • The Insightful Invaders
  • The Razor-Sharp Raiders
  • The Intellectual Outlaws
  • The Witty Warriors
  • The Crafty Conquerors
  • The Genius Gangsters
  • The Sharp Minds’ Society
  • The Sage Syndicate
  • The Quick Thinkers’ Crew
  • The Thoughtful Titans
  • The Brainwave Brigade
  • The Clever Captains
  • The Cunning Codex Cartel
  • The Insight Infiltrators
  • The Brainiac Brotherhood
  • The Smart Set Syndicate
  • The Savvy Strategists
  • The Brainpower Bandits
  • The Intellectual Elite
  • The Sharp Insight Syndicate

Names of Mafia Clan for Gamers

Thematic and creative, these names of mafia are perfect for your next mafia-themed game night.

  • Pixel Predators
  • Loot Lords
  • Power-Up Syndicate
  • Game Over Gangsters
  • Level Up Legion
  • Boss Battle Brigade
  • Controller Cartel
  • Quest Kings
  • Raid Raiders
  • XP Xtreme
  • Strategy Slayers
  • Multiplayer Mavericks
  • Button Mashers Brotherhood
  • Esports Elite
  • Glitch Gangsters
  • Virtual Vanguard
  • Cheat Code Crew
  • Dungeon Masters
  • PVP Pirates
  • Speedrun Syndicate
  • FPS Faction
  • Console Conquerors
  • Pixelated Pioneers
  • Questline Kings
  • Co-op Cartel
  • VR Vanguard
  • Achievement Assassins
  • Roleplay Renegades
  • Inventory Invaders
  • Save Point Syndicate

Names of Mafia Gangs for Friends

Lighthearted and fun, these names of mafia will bring laughter to your next game night with friends.

  • The Buddy Bandits
  • The Comrade Cartel
  • The Pal Patrol
  • The Amigo Outlaws
  • The Chum Champions
  • The Mate Mob
  • The Sidekick Syndicate
  • The Pals’ Posse
  • The Bestie Brigade
  • The Crew Companions
  • The BFF Bandits
  • The Paladins’ Gang
  • The Fellowship Faction
  • The Mates’ Mafia
  • The Partner Pirates
  • The Cohort Cartel
  • The Bros’ Brotherhood
  • The Compadre Crew
  • The Squad Squad
  • The Allies’ Alliance
  • The Friendship Force
  • The Companion Cartel
  • The Homie Horde
  • The Union Unit
  • The Acquaintance Assassins
  • The Kinship Kings
  • The Pal Pioneers
  • The Bonded Bandits
  • The Friendzone Faction
  • The Fellowship Fellons

Unique Names of Mafia Leaders

Command respect and inspire fear with these powerful names for your mafia boss.

  • Vittorio “The Velvet Fist” Bianchi
  • Isabella “The Crimson Queen” Romano
  • Lorenzo “The Shadow Master” DeLuca
  • Valentina “The Serpent’s Smile” Moretti
  • Alessio “The Ironclad” Rossi
  • Bianca “The Enigma” Marino
  • Dante “The Phoenix” Lombardi
  • Francesca “The Sapphire Siren” Conti
  • Marcello “The Black Lion” Ferro
  • Caterina “The Jade Empress” Rizzo
  • Salvatore “The Timeless” Martino
  • Lucia “The Whisperer” Greco
  • Marco “The Silver Fox” Ricci
  • Gabriella “The Midnight Rose” Ferrari
  • Giovanni “The Thunderbolt” Russo
  • Aurora “The Golden Hawk” Esposito
  • Matteo “The Mystic” Gallo
  • Serena “The Velvet Dagger” Barbieri
  • Luca “The Wraith” Vitali
  • Chiara “The Crimson Orchid” Santoro
  • Antonio “The Iron Mask” Pellegrino
  • Elisa “The Ice Queen” Ferretti
  • Stefano “The Silent Storm” Valentino
  • Isolde “The Moonlit Mistress” D’Amico
  • Rocco “The Jade Shadow” Bianco
  • Livia “The Golden Cobra” Fontana
  • Enzo “The Crimson Falcon” Marchetti
  • Beatrice “The Silver Serpent” Caruso
  • Carlo “The Phantom” Sartori
  • Emilia “The Rose Thorn” Montoya

Warrior Names of Mafia Members

These names of mafia evoke strength and loyalty, perfect for your most dedicated mafia enforcers.

  • Maximus “The Gladiator” Romano
  • Valkyrie “The Shieldmaiden” Bianchi
  • Ragnar “The Berserker” Lombardi
  • Athena “The Warrioress” Conti
  • Thor “The Thunderer” Ferro
  • Freyja “The Valkyrie” Moretti
  • Achilles “The Invincible” Rossi
  • Xena “The Warrior Princess” DeLuca
  • Spartacus “The Rebel” Martino
  • Valka “The Dragon Rider” Greco
  • Gideon “The Lionheart” Russo
  • Artemis “The Huntress” Marino
  • Bjorn “The Bear” Rizzo
  • Lagertha “The Shieldmaiden” Lombardi
  • Conan “The Barbarian” Esposito
  • Guinevere “The Swordmaiden” Ricci
  • Beowulf “The Hero” Ferro
  • Attila “The Hun” Gallo
  • Sif “The Warrior Goddess” Barbieri
  • Lancelot “The Knight” Vitali
  • Brunhild “The Valkyrie” Santoro
  • Genghis “The Conqueror” Pellegrino
  • Sigrun “The Valkyrie” Ferretti
  • Leonidas “The Spartan” Valentino
  • Valko “The Warlord” D’Amico
  • Lager “The Wolf” Fontana
  • Draven “The Dark Warrior” Bianco
  • Sable “The Shadow” Caruso
  • Valkyr “The Valkyrie” Marchetti
  • Torin “The Thunder Warrior” Montoya

Funny Names of Mafia Groups

Add a touch of humor to your game night with these lighthearted and silly mafia group names.

  • The Wise Guys’ Pizza Party
  • The Donut Dunkers
  • The Sassy Sopranos
  • The Capo Comedians
  • The Mafioso Munchkins
  • The Gangsta Giggles
  • The Mobster Merrymakers
  • The Hitman Hilarious
  • The Thug Life Thespians
  • The Godfather Guffaws
  • The Crime Boss Chucklers
  • The Hoodlum Hootenanny
  • The Wiseguy Wits
  • The Mafia Jokers
  • The Cosa Nostra Clowns
  • The Goodfellas Giggling Gang
  • The Mobster Madcaps
  • The Underworld Unicorns
  • The Gangland Guffawers
  • The Thug Ticklers
  • The Crime Cartel Comedians
  • The Hitman Haha Crew
  • The Mafioso Mirthmakers
  • The Capo Crackups
  • The Don’s Jolly Jesters
  • The Mobbed-up Mirth Merchants
  • The Gangster Goofs
  • The Mafia Mirth Masters
  • The Hoodlum Ha Ha Club
  • The Underboss Uproar Union

Short Names of Mafia Gangs

Short, sweet, and impactful these names of mafia get straight to the point.

  • The Reds
  • The Blades
  • The Vipers
  • The Titans
  • The Shadows
  • The Wolves
  • The Hawks
  • The Lions
  • The Prowlers
  • The Kings
  • The Jets
  • The Bulls
  • The Fangs
  • The Storm
  • The Rats
  • The Ghosts
  • The Crew
  • The Force
  • The Nexus
  • The Zen
  • The Hex
  • The Apex
  • The Shift
  • The Pulse
  • The Flash
  • The Echo
  • The Bolt
  • The Void
  • The Blaze
  • The Zenith

Names of Mafia for FPS Games

Dominate the leaderboards with these intimidating names of mafia for your online mafia empire.

  • Task Force Vendetta
  • Shadow Strike Syndicate
  • Black Ops Brotherhood
  • Warfront Wolves
  • Vanguard Vipers
  • Silent Saboteurs
  • Tactical Titans
  • Gunmetal Gangsters
  • SpecOps Shadows
  • Bulletproof Battalion
  • Covert Commandos
  • Elite Enforcers
  • Armored Assassins
  • Stealth Snipers Syndicate
  • Warlord Warriors
  • Mercenary Mavericks
  • Iron Fist Infantry
  • Sniper Squad Syndicate
  • Counterstrike Cartel
  • War Machine Mafia
  • Delta Force Dynasty
  • Recon Raiders
  • Fireteam Felons
  • Rapid Response Rats
  • Special Ops Outlaws
  • Combat Kings
  • Bullet Brigade
  • Warzone Wolves
  • Ghost Recon Gang
  • Trigger Titans
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Italian Names of Mafia:

Immerse your mafia family in tradition and heritage with these classic Italian names of mafia. They evoke a sense of power and respect, drawing inspiration from the real-life roots of organized crime.

  • La Famiglia di Ferro (The Iron Family)
  • Cosa Nostra Corleone (Our Thing Corleone)
  • La Mano Nera (The Black Hand)
  • La Camorra Campana (The Campania Mafia)
  • ‘Ndrangheta Nord (Northern ‘Ndrangheta)
  • La Sacra Corona Unita (The United Sacred Crown)
  • La Triade Toscana (The Tuscan Triad)
  • La Cricca di Calabria (The Calabrian Gang)
  • La Piovra Pugliese (The Octopus of Puglia)
  • La Mafia Molisana (The Molise Mafia)
  • La Famiglia di Foggia (The Foggia Family)
  • La Mala di Milano (The Milanese Bad Guys)
  • La Società Sarda (The Sardinian Society)
  • La Cosa Rossa (The Red Thing)
  • La Camorra Napoletana (The Neapolitan Camorra)
  • La Vecchia Scuola Siciliana (The Old School Sicilian)
  • La Famiglia di Firenze (The Florence Family)
  • La Setta di Salerno (The Salerno Sect)
  • La Cricca di Catania (The Catania Gang)
  • La Triade Tarantina (The Taranto Triad)
  • La Mala di Messina (The Messina Bad Guys)
  • La Società di Bari (The Bari Society)
  • La Mafia Marchigiana (The Marche Mafia)
  • La Mano Bianca (The White Hand)
  • La Sacra Corona Sicula (The Sicilian Sacred Crown)
  • La Camorra Cilentana (The Cilento Camorra)
  • La Piovra Piemontese (The Piedmont Octopus)
  • La Famiglia di Veneto (The Veneto Family)
  • La Mala di Lazio (The Lazio Bad Guys)
  • La Cosa Grigia (The Gray Thing)

Asian Names of Mafia:

Embrace the mystique and efficiency of the East with these Asian-inspired mafia names. They often incorporate cultural references and imagery, creating a unique and intriguing atmosphere.

  • Yakuza Ying
  • Triad Titans
  • Dragon Dynasty Cartel
  • Seoul Syndicate
  • Bamboo Brotherhood
  • Samurai Shadows
  • Lotus League
  • Ninja Nomads
  • Shaolin Syndicate
  • Geisha Gangsters
  • Ronin Raiders
  • Tiger Tong
  • Silk Road Syndicate
  • Kyoto Cartel
  • Forbidden City Family
  • Himalayan Hitmen
  • Mandarin Mafia
  • Pearl Pirates
  • Dragon’s Claw Clan
  • Golden Triangle Gang
  • Mumbai Marauders
  • Red Dragon Society
  • Geisha Guardians
  • Shogun Syndicate
  • Jade Empire Mob
  • Great Wall Warriors
  • Bamboo Bandits
  • Terra Cotta Triad
  • Lotus Landlords
  • Sun Yat-Sen Syndicate

Spanish Names of Mafia:

Tap into the passion and intensity of Latin America with these Spanish mafia names. They can be both elegant and ruthless, reflecting the diverse cultures of the region.

  • Caballero Cartel
  • Matador Mob
  • Conquistador Crew
  • Señor Sombra Syndicate
  • Flamenco Family
  • Andalusian Assassins
  • Don Domingo Dynasty
  • Iberian Invaders
  • Sangre Santo Syndicate (Holy Blood)
  • Torero Titans
  • Gaucho Gangsters
  • Castilian Cartel
  • Sierra Syndicate
  • Mariner Mafia
  • Alhambra Alliance
  • Viento Vigilantes (Wind Vigilantes)
  • Oro Outlaws (Gold Outlaws)
  • Mestizo Mob
  • Guerra Guardians (War Guardians)
  • Rosado Raiders (Pink Raiders)
  • Fiesta Faction
  • Cazador Clan (Hunter Clan)
  • Caballo Cartel (Horse Cartel)
  • Sol Sentries (Sun Sentries)
  • Luna League (Moon League)
  • Corazón Cosa (Heart Thing)
  • Olé Outfit
  • Rio Ruffians
  • Salsa Syndicate
  • Flamante Family (Flaming Family)

French Names of Mafia:

Add a touch of sophistication and mystery with these French mafia names. They often utilize wordplay and double meanings, creating a sense of intrigue and hidden power.

  • L’Élite Cartel
  • Château Crew
  • Versailles Syndicate
  • Riviera Raiders
  • Parisian Prowlers
  • Bourgogne Bandits (Burgundy Bandits)
  • Montmartre Mob
  • Louvre League
  • Côte d’Azur Cartel
  • Seine Syndicate
  • Normandie Nomads
  • L’Artiste Assassins
  • Bastille Brotherhood
  • Champagne Champions
  • Provençal Pirates
  • L’Élysée Enforcers
  • Bordeaux Brigade
  • Arc de Triomphe Alliance
  • L’Amour Outlaws (Love Outlaws)
  • Languedoc Legion
  • Toulouse Titans
  • Rive Gauche Gangsters
  • Alsace Ambush
  • Vendôme Vanguard
  • Provence Protectors
  • Belle Époque Bandits
  • Loire Luminaries
  • Lyon Lynx
  • Marseillais Marauders
  • Cognac Cartel

Latin Names of Mafia:

For a truly timeless and authoritative feel, consider Latin names for your mafia family. They draw strength from their historical roots and project an air of unyielding power.

  • Imperium Cartel
  • Centurion Syndicate
  • Roma Raiders
  • Gladius Gangsters
  • Vestal Virgin Vendetta
  • Spartacus Syndicate
  • Colosseum Crew
  • Augustus Alliance
  • Legion Lords
  • Aquila Assassins (Eagle Assassins)
  • Pax Romana Mob
  • Pantheon Prowlers
  • Praetorian Protectors
  • Senatus Syndicate
  • Toga Titans
  • Latinus Legion
  • Venus Vanguard
  • Mars Marauders
  • Forum Faction
  • Consul Cartel
  • Lustrum League
  • Romulus Raiders
  • Aeneid Enforcers
  • Juno Justice
  • Capitoline Clan
  • Saturnalia Syndicate
  • Caelum Cartel (Sky Cartel)
  • Minerva Mob
  • Fasces Faction
  • Res Publica Raiders

Mythical Names of Mafia:

Unleash the power of legend with these mythical names for your mafia family. Inspired by creatures and figures of folklore, they create an atmosphere of awe and perhaps a touch of fear.

  • Olympus Syndicate
  • Titan Titans
  • Valkyrie Vanguard
  • Dragon Dynasty
  • Phoenix Phalanx
  • Kraken Cartel
  • Medusa Mob
  • Mjölnir Mafia
  • Gorgon Gangsters
  • Minotaur Mobsters
  • Centaur Cartel
  • Sphinx Syndicate
  • Nemean Nomads
  • Chimera Champions
  • Hydra Horde
  • Pegasus Protectors
  • Fenrir Faction
  • Amaterasu Alliance
  • Anubis Assassins
  • Cyclops Crew
  • Valkyrie Vendetta
  • Raijin Raiders
  • Bastet Bandits
  • Odin’s Outlaws
  • Yggdrasil Yakuza
  • Quetzalcoatl Cartel
  • Hades’ Heralds
  • Morrigan’s Marauders
  • Aegis Alliance
  • Ravana’s Raiders

Famous Names Of Mafia

  • Al Capone – Chicago Outfit
  • Lucky Luciano – Genovese crime family
  • John Gotti – Gambino crime family
  • Meyer Lansky – Jewish Mob
  • Carlo Gambino – Gambino crime family
  • Vito Genovese – Genovese crime family
  • Frank Costello – Luciano crime family
  • Bugsy Siegel – Murder, Inc.
  • Salvatore Maranzano – Castellammarese War
  • Joe Masseria – Castellammarese War
  • Sam Giancana – Chicago Outfit
  • Joe Bonanno – Bonanno crime family
  • Tony Accardo – Chicago Outfit
  • Albert Anastasia – Gambino crime family
  • Tommy Lucchese – Lucchese crime family
  • Paul Castellano – Gambino crime family
  • Carmine Galante – Bonanno crime family
  • Vincent “The Chin” Gigante – Genovese crime family
  • Frank Nitti – Chicago Outfit
  • Mickey Cohen – Los Angeles crime family
  • Santo Trafficante Jr. – Trafficante crime family
  • Carlos Marcello – New Orleans crime family
  • Joe Colombo – Colombo crime family
  • Angelo Bruno – Philadelphia crime family
  • Roy DeMeo – DeMeo Crew
  • Johnny Torrio – Chicago Outfit
  • Anthony “Tony Ducks” Corallo – Lucchese crime family
  • “Crazy” Joe Gallo – Colombo crime family
  • “Big Tuna” Tony Accardo – Chicago Outfit
  • “Willie the Rat” Cammisano – Kansas City crime family
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Famous Names Of Mafia Bosses

  • Al Capone – Chicago Outfit
  • Lucky Luciano – Genovese crime family
  • John Gotti – Gambino crime family
  • Meyer Lansky – Jewish Mob
  • Carlo Gambino – Gambino crime family
  • Vito Genovese – Genovese crime family
  • Frank Costello – Luciano crime family
  • Bugsy Siegel – Murder, Inc.
  • Salvatore Maranzano – Castellammarese War
  • Joe Masseria – Castellammarese War
  • Sam Giancana – Chicago Outfit
  • Joe Bonanno – Bonanno crime family
  • Tony Accardo – Chicago Outfit
  • Albert Anastasia – Gambino crime family
  • Tommy Lucchese – Lucchese crime family
  • Paul Castellano – Gambino crime family
  • Carmine Galante – Bonanno crime family
  • Vincent “The Chin” Gigante – Genovese crime family
  • Frank Nitti – Chicago Outfit
  • Mickey Cohen – Los Angeles crime family
  • Santo Trafficante Jr. – Trafficante crime family
  • Carlos Marcello – New Orleans crime family
  • Joe Colombo – Colombo crime family
  • Angelo Bruno – Philadelphia crime family
  • Roy DeMeo – DeMeo Crew
  • Johnny Torrio – Chicago Outfit
  • Anthony “Tony Ducks” Corallo – Lucchese crime family
  • “Crazy” Joe Gallo – Colombo crime family
  • “Big Tuna” Tony Accardo – Chicago Outfit
  • “Willie the Rat” Cammisano – Kansas City crime family
names of mafia

What Kind of Names Of Mafia You Want?

Do you want a name that makes people shake in their boots or something that will have everyone laughing?  These tips will help you craft the ultimate mafia moniker!

  1. Scary & Strong Names Of Mafia:  Want everyone to know you mean business? Choose words that show you’re tough and in charge, with a little mystery on the side. Think “Black Hand” or “Crimson Cobras.” Maybe even something short and sweet like “Iron Fist” or “Cold Eyes.”
  2. Funny & Light Names Of Mafia: Don’t be afraid to be silly! Jokes, references to your favorite shows, or even funny nicknames for your friends can make hilarious mafia names. “The Fluffy Bunnies” or “The Misfit Mafia” are great examples.  How about “Sock Puppets” or “The Giggle Gang”?
  3. Themed & Cool: Building a mafia world based on a certain period or place? Lean into that theme for a truly awesome name! A fantasy mafia might be “Dragon Scales,” while a historical one could be “Victorian Vices.”  Maybe a pirate mafia could be “Salty Dogs” or a space mafia could be “Cosmic Crooks.”
  4. Online Game Ready: Playing a mafia game online? Remember that some platforms have limits on how long a name can be and what symbols you can use. Keep it short, and easy to type, and avoid fancy symbols that might not work. “Night Owls” or “Aces High” are good choices.

Pro Tips For Adding the Finishing Touches for Names For Mafia

Now that you have a strong foundation for your mafia family name, let’s add some extra polish to make Names For Mafia truly memorable! Here are some pro tips to consider:

1. Play with Language:

  • Wordplay & Double Meanings: Get creative! Think of puns, hidden messages, or even names that have different meanings in different languages. This adds a layer of intrigue and makes your name stand out.
    • Example: “The Silent Strikers” (obvious meaning) or “The Whispering Winds” (could also hint at secrecy).
    • Bonus: Try translating a word that describes your mafia family into another language. “La Famiglia” (The Family) in Italian sounds classy and mysterious.

2. Embrace Alliteration:

  • Catchy & Easy to Remember: Names that have the same consonant sound at the beginning of each word are easier to say and remember. This creates a rhythm that makes your mafia family sound powerful and unified.               
    • Examples: “The Ruthless Ravens” or “The Tenacious Tigers.”
    • Bonus: Try using double letters for emphasis, like “The Iron Hammers” or “The Slick Snakes.”

3. Reference Pop Culture:

  • Funny & Familiar: A playful twist on a movie title, character name, or even a song lyric can be a hilarious way to name your mafia family. This adds a touch of humor and lets everyone know your sense of humor.        
    • Examples: “The Sopranos Sisters” or “The Men in Blackmail”
    • Bonus: Get creative! Maybe your mafia family is known for their love of baking – “The Breaking Bad Bakers” or “The Godfather of Pastries.”

Remember: Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun! The best mafia names are unique, memorable, and reflect the personality of your crew.

Brainstorming Names For Mafias

  1. Collective Creativity:  Get the whole gang involved in brainstorming Names For Mafias! Bouncing ideas off friends or teammates can lead to a name that everyone loves and feels invested in.
  2. Thinking Outside the Box: Don’t be afraid to get creative! The best names often come from unexpected sources. Explore references from mythology, history, or even your favorite video games.
  3. Availability Check:  Before you get too attached, ensure your chosen name isn’t already taken. Most online game platforms allow you to search for existing clan names.


This guide has all you need to pick the coolest mafia name ever, no matter what you’re using it for. We’ve got scary names, funny names, and even names that fit a certain period. Plus, we threw in some tips to make names of mafia super awesome.

So, whether you’re playing a game with friends, writing a story, or just messing around, you can now pick a name that everyone will remember.

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