Saddle Up: Authentic Cowboy Names for Your Rugged Companion!

Cowboy Names

Hey there, folks! Ever wanted a super cool name that sounds like it belongs in an exciting Western story? Well, you’ve found the right place! Maybe you’re writing a story, or maybe you are looking for cowboy names for your gaming ID. There are a lot of Cowboy monikers we have shared that fit multi-purposes.

You can use our Western name ideas and find a name that’s just right for the Wild West. You can explore all the different kinds of cowboy names, from the old-fashioned ones everyone knows to brand-new ones we just made up.

We have also shared some tips to help you pick the most fitting. So sit back, relax, and get ready for fun! By the end, you’ll have a tough cowboy name!

Famous Cowboy Names:

Ever wanted a super cool name, just like a real-life Wild West hero? This list has all the famous cowboys and cowgirls you know from movies and stories!

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Billy the Kid
  • Wild Bill Hickok
  • Jesse James
  • Doc Holliday
  • Butch Cassidy
  • Sundance Kid
  • Buffalo Bill Cody
  • Calamity Jane
  • Annie Oakley
  • John Wayne
  • Roy Rogers
  • Gene Autry
  • Clint Eastwood (as portrayed in several western films)
  • Tom Horn
  • Kit Carson
  • Quanah Parker (Comanche Chief and cowboy)
  • Bass Reeves (famous African-American deputy U.S. Marshal)
  • Bill Pickett (African-American rodeo star and cowboy)
  • Nat Love (African-American cowboy and former slave)
  • Charles Goodnight (cattle rancher and pioneer)
  • Oliver Loving (cattle rancher and pioneer)
  • Jim Bridger (mountain man and explorer)
  • John Chisum (cattle baron)
  • John Slaughter (Texas Ranger and sheriff)
  • Pat Garrett (lawman and sheriff)
  • Frank Hamer (Texas Ranger and lawman)
  • Ben Thompson (gunfighter and gambler)
  • Luke Short (gunfighter and gambler)
  • Bat Masterson (lawman, gunfighter, and gambler)

Best Cowboy Names:

Looking for a name that’s both awesome and classic? Look no further! These are the top choices for names that make you think of real cowboys.

  • Buck Johnson
  • Jedediah “Jed” Smith
  • Marshal Clay Tucker
  • Silas “Si” Boone
  • Luke Maverick
  • Hank “The Hawk” Hawkins
  • Cole “Colt” Tanner
  • Travis “T.J.” Jackson
  • Dalton “Dusty” Rhodes
  • Beau “Bronco” Bennett
  • Cody “Cattle” Carson
  • Marshal “Mace” Montgomery
  • Rodeo Rex Dalton
  • Caleb “Cal” Cassidy
  • Levi “Lone Star” Logan
  • Marshal “Mac” McClintock
  • Wyatt “Whiskey” Walker
  • Zane “Zephyr” Zimmerman
  • Jesse “Jazz” Jameson
  • Clint “Coyote” Crawford
  • Rusty “Rawhide” Rhodes
  • Sam “Six-Gun” Sawyer
  • Marshall “Maverick” Mason
  • Boone “Bandit” Barrett
  • Cade “Cactus” Caldwell
  • Jaxon “Jax” Laramie
  • Tate “Trailblazer” Turner
  • Dalton “Duke” Dawson
  • Colt “Canyon” Carson
  • Travis “Tumbleweed” Taylor

Clever Cowboy Names:

These names aren’t just tough, they’re also really smart! If you want a name that shows you’re quick on your feet, this is the list for you.

  • Blaze Maverick
  • Rusty Spurs
  • Colt Wrangler
  • Lasso Larry
  • Quickdraw Quinn
  • Dusty Trails
  • Rodeo Rex
  • Outlaw Owen
  • Buckaroo Billy
  • Tumble Ty
  • Sundown Sam
  • Rawhide Ray
  • Gritty Garrett
  • Frontier Flynn
  • Bandana Ben
  • Sagebrush Steve
  • Nomad Nate
  • Drifter Dale
  • Prairie Pete
  • Vagabond Vince
  • Cactus Chris
  • Bronco Bob
  • Ghost Town Gus
  • Desert Dan
  • Spur Strider
  • Canyon Cody
  • Horseshoe Hank
  • Trailblazer Tim
  • Sage Steve
  • Rustler Randy

Traditional Cowboy Names:

Want a name that sounds like it’s from the old days of cowboys? This list has all the classic names you might hear in a dusty Western town.

  • John “Johnny”
  • William “Will”
  • Thomas “Tom”
  • James “Jim”
  • Robert “Bob”
  • Charles “Charlie”
  • Samuel “Sam”
  • Joseph “Joe”
  • Benjamin “Ben”
  • Henry “Hank”
  • Edward “Ed” or “Ned”
  • George
  • Andrew “Andy”
  • Frank
  • Jesse
  • Levi
  • Luke
  • Peter
  • Adam
  • Daniel “Dan”
  • Caleb
  • Elias
  • Ezekiel “Zeke”
  • Isaac
  • Noah
  • Oscar
  • Paul
  • Raymond “Ray”
  • Theodore “Ted” or “Theo”
  • Walter “Walt”

Religious Cowboy Names:

Many cowboys believed strongly in God. This list has names that come from the Bible and show respect for faith.

Modern Cowboy Names:

Cowboys might not be as common anymore, but the spirit lives on! These names take classic cowboy names and make them new and exciting.

  • Ryder
  • Jax
  • Colt
  • Maverick
  • Chase
  • Wyatt
  • Tanner
  • Cooper
  • Austin
  • Hunter
  • Blake
  • Dylan
  • Logan
  • Jackson
  • Brody
  • Cody
  • Sawyer
  • Hudson
  • Easton
  • Dalton
  • Nash
  • Grayson
  • Tucker
  • Holden
  • Declan
  • Landon
  • Cash
  • Beckett
  • Finn
  • Rhett

Historical Cowboy Names:

Love history? This list has names inspired by real cowboys and cowgirls who really lived in the Wild West!

  • Wyatt
  • Jesse
  • Doc (short for Doctor, like Doc Holliday)
  • Billy (as in Billy the Kid)
  • Butch (as in Butch Cassidy)
  • Sundance (as in the Sundance Kid)
  • Wild Bill (as in Wild Bill Hickok)
  • Kit (as in Kit Carson)
  • Calamity (as in Calamity Jane)
  • Annie (as in Annie Oakley)
  • Bass (as in Bass Reeves)
  • Quanah (as in Quanah Parker)
  • John (as in John Wesley Hardin)
  • Clay (as in Clay Allison)
  • Pat (as in Pat Garrett)
  • Frank (as in Frank James)
  • Jim (as in Jim Bridger)
  • Luke (as in Luke Short)
  • Ben (as in Ben Thompson)
  • Charlie (as in Charlie Siringo)
  • Tom (as in Tom Horn)
  • Nat (as in Nat Love)
  • Oliver (as in Oliver Loving)
  • John (as in John Chisum)
  • Bill (as in Buffalo Bill Cody)
  • Doc (as in Doc Middleton)
  • George (as in George Armstrong Custer)
  • John (as in John Slaughter)
  • Frank (as in Frank Hamer)
  • Bill (as in Bill Pickett)

Unique Cowboy Names:

Don’t want a name everyone else has? This list has one-of-a-kind names that are sure to make you stand out!

  • Blaze
  • Maverick
  • Colt
  • Rio
  • Jett
  • Sterling
  • Zane
  • Ransom
  • Phoenix
  • Orion
  • Thorne
  • Ranger
  • Blaze
  • Knox
  • Valor
  • Phoenix
  • Bodhi
  • Summit
  • Dash
  • Rodeo
  • West
  • Hawk
  • Flint
  • Summit
  • Storm
  • Ridge
  • Sage
  • Drift
  • Falcon
  • Quest

Badass Cowboy Names For Gamers:

These names are tough, mean, and maybe a little scary! Perfect for the bravest cowboys around.

  • Shadow Strider
  • Bullet Blaze
  • Outlaw Omega
  • Maverick Maximus
  • Viper Vance
  • Gunner Griffin
  • Steel Stallion
  • Raging Rider
  • Bandit Blade
  • Lonestar Leviathan
  • Ghost Gulch
  • Desperado Drake
  • Sniper Sage
  • Quickdraw Quill
  • Rustler Rex
  • Duelist Dante
  • Wildfire Wyatt
  • Bounty Blaze
  • Renegade Ranger
  • Tombstone Titan
  • Hawkshot Hank
  • Sharpshooter Shane
  • Drifter Delta
  • Outcast Orion
  • Blaze Bandolero
  • Sheriff Shadow
  • Wrangler Wolf
  • Gambler Grit
  • Frontier Fury
  • Gunslinger Grant

Silly Cowboy Names:

Not all cowboys are serious all the time! This list has funny names that will make you laugh.

  • Biscuit Billy
  • Pickle Pete
  • Saddle Sully
  • Tumbleweed Ted
  • Chuckles Charlie
  • Yeehaw Yancy
  • Boot Scootin’ Bob
  • Rodeo Roddy
  • Spaghetti Slim
  • Wrangler Wally
  • Lasso Larry
  • Squeaky Sam
  • Giddyup Gus
  • Jingle Jangle Jim
  • Hoedown Hank
  • Razzle Dazzle Rex
  • Cactus Carl
  • Whiskers Wayne
  • Barn Dance Benny
  • Wagon Wheel Willy
  • Haystack Henry
  • Rumble Tumble Ray
  • Chuckwagon Chuck
  • Saddlebags Stan
  • Pecos Pete
  • Sheriff Shorty
  • Soggy Saddle
  • Prairie Dog Pete
  • Jolly Jumper Joe
  • Giggles Gordy

Funny Cowboy Names:

Sometimes, a funny name is the best! This list has silly names that will add a bit of humor to your story or your new horse.

  • Rootin’ Tootin’ Rudy
  • Buckaroo Bubbles
  • Rodeo Romeo
  • Saddle Sore Sam
  • Lariat Larry Lafferty
  • Yeehaw Yogi
  • Chuckwagon Chuckles
  • Sheriff Snickerdoodle
  • Wrangler Whiskers
  • Quickdraw Quacksalot
  • Bootsie Badger
  • Rodeo Rascal
  • Howdy Doody Dan
  • Giddyup Giggles
  • Stetson Silly
  • Tumbleweed Tickles
  • Jingle Jester
  • Razzle Dazzle Rusty
  • Bronco Bungles
  • Hayseed Hank
  • Hoedown Hilarity
  • Lasso Laughs-a-Lot
  • Pecos Prankster
  • Saddlebags Snickers
  • Buckshot Bellylaughs
  • Tumble Timbers
  • Guffaw Granger
  • Spur Splendor
  • Drifter Doodles
  • Soggy Saddle Silliness

Catchy Cowboy Names For Gamers:

Need a name that’s easy to remember? These names are short, sweet, and easy to say!

  • TriggerTwist
  • OutlawOasis
  • CattleCraze
  • RodeoRiot
  • QuickscopeQuinn
  • SaddleStorm
  • VortexVarmint
  • BulletBuckshot
  • LariatLooter
  • MaverickMarauder
  • CowboyCarnage
  • DesperadoDash
  • GunfightGamer
  • SpurStrike
  • BroncoBlitz
  • BanditBlast
  • YeehawHavoc
  • WranglerWarrior
  • DuelistDynamo
  • SixGunSlayer
  • StampedeSniper
  • RustlerRumble
  • FrontierFury
  • ShowdownShooter
  • TrailblazerTerror
  • CactusCrusher
  • GhostTownGuardian
  • RattlesnakeRanger
  • GunslingerGlory
  • MarshalMayhem

Spiritual Cowboy Names:

The West is a big, beautiful place that makes you think about bigger things. This list has names that show how cowboys felt connected to something special.

Indian Cowboy Names:

Many cowboys worked with Native Americans. This list has names inspired by Native American languages and cultures.

  • Raj “King”
  • Arjun
  • Vikram “Valiant”
  • Jai “Victory”
  • Ajay “Unconquerable”
  • Ravi “Sun”
  • Rohan “Ascending”
  • Vijay “Victorious”
  • Amar “Immortal”
  • Dev “God”
  • Anil “Wind”
  • Kunal “Lotus”
  • Rajan “King”
  • Aditya “Sun”
  • Nikhil “Complete”
  • Ashwin “Knight”
  • Varun “God of Water”
  • Sameer “Wind”
  • Karan “Warrior”
  • Prakash “Light”
  • Rahul “Efficient”
  • Sanjay “Victorious”
  • Mohan “Attractive”
  • Manoj “Love”
  • Vishal “Huge”
  • Suresh “Ruler of Gods”
  • Vivek “Wisdom”
  • Yuvraj “Prince”
  • Harsha “Happiness”
  • Arvind “Lotus”

Two-Word Cowboy Names For Gamers:

Double the fun with these cool names that combine two words!

  • Lone Lancer
  • Rodeo Raptor
  • Bullet Bandit
  • Maverick Marauder
  • Cattle Crusher
  • Quickdraw Quasar
  • Outlaw Oracle
  • Gunfire Guardian
  • Spur Sniper
  • Wrangler Warrior
  • Lariat Legend
  • Bronco Blaster
  • Duelist Dynamo
  • High Noon Hunter
  • Rustler Ranger
  • Sheriff Sentinel
  • Varmint Vanguard
  • Wagon Whisperer
  • Bandit Battalion
  • Drifter Duelist
  • Ghost Gulch
  • Rodeo Renegade
  • Six-Shooter Sentinel
  • Trailblazer Titan
  • Desperado Drifter
  • Marshal Mercenary
  • Rustic Raider
  • Stampede Stalker
  • Tumbleweed Titan
  • Yeehaw Vanguard

Nature-Inspired Cowboy Names:

The West is full of beautiful landscapes. This list has names inspired by mountains, rivers, animals, and more!

  • Cedar Cody
  • River Rider
  • Stone Sawyer
  • Sage Sam
  • Canyon Colt
  • Mesa Maverick
  • Aspen Andy
  • Prairie Pete
  • Oakley Outlaw
  • Flint Foster
  • Brooks Buck
  • Ridge Ranger
  • Cliff Cody
  • Hawk Hunter
  • Willow Wyatt
  • Falcon Flint
  • Granite Grant
  • Desert Drake
  • Lark Laramie
  • Redwood Rex
  • Blaze Boone
  • Stormy Steve
  • Talon Tanner
  • Jasper Jake
  • Meadow Max
  • Cypress Cole
  • Fern Foster
  • Orion Oak
  • Terra Tucker
  • Alpine Alex

One-Syllable Cowboy Names For PubG:

Short and sweet! These one-syllable names are easy to remember and sound tough.

  • Tex
  • Ray
  • Colt
  • Jack
  • Buck
  • Lane
  • Wade
  • Ty
  • Beau
  • Clay
  • Jake
  • Nash
  • Flint
  • Stone
  • Cole
  • Dale
  • Rex
  • Troy
  • Vince
  • Zane
  • Duke
  • Finn
  • Blaze
  • Grant
  • Gage
  • Jett
  • Lance
  • Mack
  • Rafe
  • Trent

Rhyming Cowboy Names:

Want a name with a little jingle? This list has names that rhyme, like “Billy Trigger” or “Buckaroo Lou.”

  • Buck Chuck
  • Clay Ray
  • Dale Gale
  • Lane Shane
  • Beau Joe
  • Troy Roy
  • Zane Shane
  • Flint Clint
  • Jake Blake
  • Wade Gade
  • Ty Sky
  • Nash Dash
  • Colt Holt
  • Rex Lex
  • Trent Kent
  • Vance Lance
  • Jett Brett
  • Blaze Daze
  • Gage Sage
  • Stone Bone
  • Cole Mole
  • Grant Cant
  • Duke Luke
  • Finn Quinn
  • Mack Jack
  • Rafe Gabe
  • Vince Prince
  • Lyle Kyle
  • Tate Nate
  • Boone June

Lawman Cowboy Names:

These names are perfect for sheriffs, marshals, and other folks who keep the peace on the frontier.

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Wild Bill Hickok
  • Doc Holliday
  • Bat Masterson
  • Bass Reeves
  • Pat Garrett
  • Virgil Earp
  • Morgan Earp
  • John Wesley Hardin
  • Bill Tilghman
  • Allan Pinkerton
  • Seth Bullock
  • Luke Short
  • Dallas Stoudenmire
  • Heck Thomas
  • Tom Smith
  • Charlie Bassett
  • John Selman
  • Frank Hamer
  • Ed Masterson
  • Chris Madsen
  • Henry Brown
  • James Riley
  • Burton Mossman
  • Jeff Milton
  • John Horton Slaughter
  • George Scarborough
  • Joe LeFors
  • John Hughes
  • Charlie Siringo

Outlaw Cowboy Names:

Maybe your character is a bit on the wild side? This list has names that sound like outlaws and renegades.

  • Jesse James
  • Billy the Kid
  • Black Bart
  • Butch Cassidy
  • Sundance Kid
  • Belle Starr
  • John Wesley Hardin
  • Wild Bill Longley
  • Sam Bass
  • Kid Curry
  • Cherokee Bill
  • Bill Doolin
  • Tom Ketchum
  • George “Bittercreek” Newcomb
  • Bob Dalton
  • Jim Miller
  • Black Jack Ketchum
  • Johnny Ringo
  • Clay Allison
  • Curly Bill Brocius
  • Bill Miner
  • Pearl Hart
  • Rufus Buck
  • Nate Champion
  • Rube Burrow
  • Milt Hinkle
  • Harvey Logan (Kid Curry)
  • Tom Horn
  • Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum
  • Bill Brazelton

Gunfighter Cowboy Names:

Fast on the draw? These Cowboy Names are perfect for cowboys known for their quick shooting skills.

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Doc Holliday
  • Wild Bill Hickok
  • Billy the Kid
  • Jesse James
  • Bat Masterson
  • John Wesley Hardin
  • Clay Allison
  • Luke Short
  • Dallas Stoudenmire
  • Ben Thompson
  • Pat Garrett
  • Tom Horn
  • John Selman
  • Jim Courtright
  • Elfego Baca
  • King Fisher
  • Bill Longley
  • John Ringo
  • Kid Curry
  • Frank Eaton (Pistol Pete)
  • Mysterious Dave Mather
  • Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp
  • Charlie Siringo
  • Thomas Tate Tobin
  • Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum
  • John “Liver-Eating” Johnson
  • Dallas Stoudenmire
  • Harry Love
  • John “Doc” Holliday
Cowboy Names

Amazing Tips for Choosing the Best Cowboy Names

How about we turn pickin’ a cowboy name into an exciting adventure? Here’s your trusty guide to help you wrangle the perfect moniker for your rootin’ tootin’ character!

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I. Partner Up Your Cowboy Names with Your Character

Just like choosing a trusty steed, your character’s name should fit them like a well-worn saddle. Here’s how to find the perfect match:

  • Think about their Grit: Is your cowboy a tough hombre who wouldn’t back down from a rattler? Or maybe they’re a smooth talker who can charm a rattlesnake out of its den? Pick a name that shows what kind of fella they are.
    • Example: “Grizzly” sounds mighty strong, while “Maverick” hints at someone who likes to do things their way.
  • What’s Their Job on the Ranch? Are they the sheriff keepin’ the peace, a rancher wranglin’ cattle, or a gunslinger known for their fast draw? Different jobs in the Wild West often have names that go along with them.
    • Example: “Marshal Wyatt” sounds like a sheriff you can trust, “Clay Wrangler” just screams cattle wrangler, and “Hawkeye” might belong to a sharpshooter with eyes like a hawk.

II. Explore Different Names Like You’re Exploring the Wild West

There’s a whole herd of cowboy names out there, just waitin’ to be discovered! Let’s mosey on over to a few different pastures:

  • Classic Cowboy Names:

These are the oldies but goodies, the names that make you think of cowboys in dusty movies. Think Wyatt Earp, Clint Eastwood, and Annie Oakley – these are legends of the West!

  • Unique Cowboy Names:

Don’t want your name to sound like everyone else’s? You can make up your special name, or pick one that’s not as common.

  • Examples: “Sawyer Stone” sounds tough and mysterious, while “Colt Lightning” might belong to a real quick draw.
  • Real-Life Cowboy Names:

Ever heard of Wyatt Earp or Calamity Jane? These are folks who roamed the Wild West! Using their names can be a cool way to honor the history of cowboys.

  • Tip: If you choose a real-life name, see if their story fits with your character’s story – that way it makes even more sense!
  • Names that Tell a Story:

What if your character’s name gave you a hint about how they look or what they’re good at?

  • Examples: “Tall John” is pretty self-explanatory, and “Hawkeye” might belong to someone with super sharp eyesight.

III. Tips to Add a Little Spice to Your Cowboy Name

Just like a good stew needs some extra flavor, your Cowboy Name can be spiced up with a little somethin’ somethin’:

  • Nicknames: Maybe your cowboy has a nickname that tells a story about them. Did they get it because they’re clumsy (“Stumblefoot”) or maybe they’re known for their quick wit (“Fast Talkin’ Freddie”)?
  • Mysterious Initials: Ever wonder what J.D. stands for in “J.D. Stone”? Using initials can add a touch of mystery to your character.
  • Sing-Along Names: Names that rhyme can be fun and easy to remember. They might even make folks smile!
    • Examples: “Billy Trigger” rolls right off the tongue, and “Buckaroo Lou” sounds like a friendly cowpoke.
  • Native American Languages:  Many cowboys worked alongside Native Americans. Looking up words for strength, courage, or animals in their languages can be a cool way to honor their culture.
  • Tip: Be respectful and make sure you know how to pronounce the word correctly before you use it.


All right cowboys and cowgirls, are you ready to pick the coolest name ever for your story or new little ranch hand? This guide’s like a map, helpin’ you find awesome cowboy names, from the classics everyone knows to brand new ones we made up ourselves.

So whether you want a name like a famous cowboy or something new, we got you covered. And to make sure you pick the perfect moniker, we’ve even thrown in some handy tips to help you lasso the name that best fits your character’s grit and style.


Absolutely! The Wild West wasn’t just for cowboys. There were plenty of tough and adventurous cowgirls who deserved cool names too.

Try writing your character with both names and see which one feels more natural. You can also flip a coin or ask a friend for their opinion!

Of course! Sometimes the best names are the ones nobody else has heard before. Get creative and have fun with it!

Look at Western movies and TV shows, or read classic cowboy stories. You can also research real-life cowboys and cowgirls from history.

That’s a great way to add some cultural depth to your character.  Important Tip: Be respectful and make sure you know the proper meaning and pronunciation of the word before you use it.

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