Underworld Legends: Gangster Names That Command Respect

Gangster Names

Are you stuck thinking of cool gangster names for your bad guy? You’re not alone! Everyone who writes stories gets stuck sometimes, especially when naming their characters. If your character is a gangster or you need the name for fun with friends or a use as a Gamertag. We have got plenty of gangster name ideas for you.

We want to help you find the perfect name for your tough guy, cool chick, or sneaky crook. But this isn’t just a boring list.  We know how much more fun it is to come up with stuff together. 

So, take a look at the names we have and let them spark your imagination.  We’ll even give you some hints to make your own super awesome gangster names.

Ready to give your bad guy the name they deserve?  Let’s do this!

500+ Best Gangster Names

This list features some of our favorite gangster names that just sound awesome.  They’re strong, memorable, and sure to make your character stand out.

  • “Al Capone”
  • “John Dillinger”
  • “Lucky Luciano”
  • “Meyer Lansky”
  • “Bugsy Siegel”
  • “Frank Costello”
  • “Tony Accardo”
  • “Carlos Marcello”
  • “Sam Giancana”
  • “Vincent Gigante”
  • “Joseph Bonanno”
  • “Salvatore Maranzano”
  • “Arnold Rothstein”
  • “Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel”
  • “Vito Genovese”
  • “Carmine Galante”
  • “Joe Profaci”
  • “Albert Anastasia”
  • “Paul Castellano”
  • “Tommy Lucchese”
  • “Joe Adonis”
  • “Jack McGurn”
  • “Mickey Cohen”
  • “James ‘Whitey’ Bulger”
  • “Raymond Patriarca”
  • “John Gotti”
  • “Frank Nitti”
  • “Johnny Torrio”
  • “Willie Moretti”
  • “Gaspare DiGregorio”

Furious Gangster Names

These gangster names are all about showing how mean and angry your character is. Think growling, scowling, and maybe even a few broken noses!

  • “Mad Max”
  • “Viper”
  • “Rage”
  • “Brawler”
  • “Scarface”
  • “Hammer”
  • “Knuckles”
  • “Blaze”
  • “Tornado”
  • “Bullet”
  • “Reaper”
  • “Bruiser”
  • “Shadow”
  • “Ghost”
  • “Wolverine”
  • “Cyclone”
  • “Raptor”
  • “Grizzly”
  • “Hellfire”
  • “Demon”
  • “Molotov”
  • “Crusher”
  • “Tiger”
  • “Ruthless”
  • “Pitbull”
  • “Outlaw”
  • “Venom”
  • “Savage”
  • “Ripper”
  • “Steel”

Funny Gangster Names

Maybe your gangster isn’t all serious business? These gangster names are a little goofy and will add some humor to your story.

  • “Silly Tony”
  • “Bubbles”
  • “Fluffy”
  • “Twinkle Toes”
  • “Giggles”
  • “Cuddles”
  • “Sneaky Pete”
  • “Jellybean”
  • “Dizzy Dave”
  • “Wacky Jack”
  • “Peaches”
  • “Chuckles”
  • “Snickerdoodle”
  • “Buddy Love”
  • “Fuzzy Wuzzy”
  • “Bananaman”
  • “Scooter”
  • “Bingo”
  • “Doodlebug”
  • “Snoozy”
  • “Tofu Tommy”
  • “Flapjack”
  • “Gumdrop”
  • “Ticklemonster”
  • “Whiskers”
  • “Muffin Man”
  • “Cheeky Charlie”
  • “Biscuit”
  • “Jolly Roger”
  • “Duckie”

Powerful Gangster Names

These gangster names scream “leader” and “take charge.” They’re perfect for gangsters who are in control and demand respect.

  • “The Enforcer”
  • “Boss Thunder”
  • “Dominus Rex”
  • “Warlord”
  • “The Titan”
  • “Shadow King”
  • “Iron Fist”
  • “The Overlord”
  • “Steel Commander”
  • “The Conqueror”
  • “Black Hawk”
  • “The Sovereign”
  • “Titanium”
  • “The Vanguard”
  • “Dark Knight”
  • “The Sentinel”
  • “Alpha Wolf”
  • “The Juggernaut”
  • “The Mercenary”
  • “Crimson King”
  • “The Marauder”
  • “The Gladiator”
  • “Thunderbolt”
  • “The Protector”
  • “The Executioner”
  • “The Warlord”
  • “The Despot”
  • “The Regent”
  • “The Vanguard”
  • “The Dominator

Dark Gangster Names

These gangster names sound mysterious and a little creepy. They’re ideal for gangsters who operate in the shadows and leave people wondering what they’re up to.

Unique Gangster Names

Want a name that no one else will have? This list is full of one-of-a-kind gangster names that will make your character stand out from the crowd.

  • Cipher Sable
  • Ignis Vex
  • Nebula Noir
  • Quasar Quill
  • Aether Ash
  • Zenith Zephyr
  • Orion Obscura
  • Nova Nexus
  • Solstice Serpent
  • Eclipse Echo
  • Pinnacle Pulse
  • Arcane Arrow
  • Luminous Lynx
  • Stellar Surge
  • Tempest Titan
  • Vortex Vanguard
  • Infinity Inker
  • Mystic Mirage
  • Phoenix Flame
  • Celestial Cipher
  • Thunder Thane
  • Radiant Rogue
  • Astral Abyss
  • Omega Omen
  • Paragon Prowler
  • Ethereal Edge
  • Lunar Lancer
  • Quantum Quake
  • Solar Sentinel
  • Genesis Grit

Creative Gangster Names

Get your creative juices flowing with these imaginative gangster names that use wordplay or unexpected combinations.

  • Jazz Jackknife
  • Riff Raptor
  • Groove Guardian
  • Tempo Titan
  • Beat Bandit
  • Syncopation Snake
  • Melody Mauler
  • Harmony Hammer
  • Cadence Cobra
  • Funky Phantom
  • Bassline Bullet
  • Chord Chief
  • Verse Vandal
  • Echo Enforcer
  • Lyric Lurker
  • Tempo Tornado
  • Groove Ghost
  • Rhythm Raider
  • Harmony Hustler
  • Beatbox Bandit
  • Melodic Marauder
  • Jazz Juggernaut
  • Syncopated Shadow
  • Swing Swindler
  • Blues Bandit
  • Verse Voyager
  • Cadence Caper
  • Funk Fusionist
  • Groove Grit
  • Melody Mercenary

Cool Gangster Names

These gangster names are just plain awesome. They sound smooth, confident, and perfect for a gangster who’s always one step ahead.

  • Blaze Bullet
  • Steel Shark
  • Ace Assassin
  • Ricochet Rocco
  • Blaze Blaze
  • Jet Jaguar
  • Iceberg Ike
  • Flash Falcon
  • Maverick Moss
  • Thunder Tyson
  • Bolt Baxter
  • Spike Spade
  • Rex Razor
  • Colt Cody
  • Titan Troy
  • Blaze Blade
  • Viper Vance
  • Hawk Hudson
  • Blaze Blaze
  • Stone Steele
  • Wolf Walker
  • Blaze Blaze
  • Duke Danger
  • Blade Brooks
  • Blaze Blaze
  • Colt Carter
  • Blaze Blaze
  • Flash Floyd
  • Blaze Blaze
  • Ace Archer

Asian Gangster Names

Looking for a name with an Asian flair? This list features gangster names from different Asian cultures that might fit your character perfectly.

  • Ryuji Tanaka
  • Kazuki Nakamura
  • Haruki Sato
  • Takashi Yamamoto
  • Hiroshi Kuroda
  • Yukihiro Nishimura
  • Kenjiro Suzuki
  • Masaru Ito
  • Satoshi Mori
  • Tetsuya Fujimoto
  • Jin Kimura
  • Shinji Aoki
  • Daichi Hayashi
  • Kaito Matsui
  • Taro Nakagawa
  • Ren Fujita
  • Hideo Yoshida
  • Ryoji Kobayashi
  • Makoto Taniguchi
  • Kazuo Takahashi
  • Yoshiro Hasegawa
  • Akira Sasaki
  • Yuta Noguchi
  • Shota Morita
  • Haruto Suzuki
  • Takumi Ono
  • Ryota Watanabe
  • Keiji Shimizu
  • Koji Nakano
  • Hiroto Ueno

Deadly Gangster Names

These gangster names leave no doubt that your character is dangerous. They’re perfect for gangsters who are known for their ruthlessness.

  • Reaper Ronin
  • Brutal Blade
  • Merciless Max
  • Vicious Victor
  • Ruthless Rex
  • Slaughter Steve
  • Savage Sam
  • Lethal Leo
  • Ferocious Frank
  • Carnage Carlos
  • Grim Gunner
  • Deadly Derek
  • Malice Mike
  • Intense Ian
  • Homicide Hank
  • Cruel Chris
  • Wicked Warren
  • Torment Tim
  • Executioner Eddie
  • Perilous Pete
  • Venomous Vince
  • Malignant Max
  • Terrible Terry
  • Dire Dan
  • Fiendish Fred
  • Sinister Scott
  • Noxious Nate
  • Harsh Henry
  • Dangerous Dave
  • Malevolent Mark

Mythical Gangster Name

Inspired by legendary figures or folklore creatures, these gangster names create an air of mystery and power around your gangster.

  • Odin O’Malley
  • Zeus Zephyr
  • Poseidon Prowler
  • Hades Hammer
  • Apollo Archer
  • Hermes Hustle
  • Ares Avenger
  • Thor Thunderbolt
  • Loki Larcenist
  • Hercules Hitman
  • Dionysus Dynamo
  • Narcissus Nightshade
  • Achilles Assassin
  • Triton Tempest
  • Hephaestus Hammerhand
  • Anubis Apex
  • Ra Ringleader
  • Osiris Outlaw
  • Horus Hawk
  • Fenrir Fury
  • Freyja Fatale
  • Vishnu Vanguard
  • Shiva Shadow
  • Kali Killer
  • Amaterasu Alcatraz
  • Susano’o Smuggler
  • Yggdrasil Yakuza
  • Morrigan Mauler
  • Mjölnir Marauder
  • Quetzalcoatl Quiet

Weaponized Gangster Name

These gangster names cleverly incorporate words related to weapons or violence, hinting at your character’s skills and danger level.

Italian Gangster Names

Think Godfather vibes! These Italian gangster names are all about tradition, family, and maybe a little showmanship. They’ll make your character seem important and respected.

  • Vinny “The Blade” Bianchi
  • Salvatore “Slick” Moretti
  • Marco “Mad Dog” Rossi
  • Giovanni “The Bull” Russo
  • Antonio “Big Tony” De Luca
  • Luca “The Enforcer” Ferrari
  • Angelo “The Shark” Lombardi
  • Giuseppe “The Hammer” Martini
  • Vito “The Boss” Romano
  • Matteo “The Shadow” Santoro
  • Giovanni “G-Man” Gallo
  • Dante “The Duke” DiMarco
  • Carlo “The Reaper” Rossi
  • Bruno “The Butcher” Barone
  • Enzo “The Ghost” Conti
  • Pietro “The Snake” Rossetti
  • Francesco “Frankie Knuckles” De Rosa
  • Alessandro “The Surgeon” Bianco
  • Mario “The Maestro” Russo
  • Nicola “Nicky Two Guns” Greco
  • Giorgio “The Gentleman” Marino
  • Roberto “The Rocket” Ferrari
  • Rocco “Rocky” Lombardi
  • Stefano “Stitch” Russo
  • Alberto “The Ace” Mancini

Spanish Gangster Names

These Spanish gangster names are full of spice! They’re perfect for gangsters with fiery personalities and a taste for trouble. Imagine someone with a quick temper and a whole lot of swagger.

  • El Diablo
  • La Sombra Negra (The Black Shadow)
  • El Jefe (The Boss)
  • La Reina del Crimen (The Queen of Crime)
  • El Matón (The Hitman)
  • La Dama Fatal (The Fatal Lady)
  • El Fantasma (The Ghost)
  • El Lobo (The Wolf)
  • La Serpiente (The Snake)
  • El Tornado (The Tornado)
  • La Máscara (The Mask)
  • El Pistolero (The Gunman)
  • La Víbora (The Viper)
  • El Gato (The Cat)
  • La Dama de Hierro (The Iron Lady)
  • El Verdugo (The Executioner)
  • La Mariposa Negra (The Black Butterfly)
  • El Centinela (The Sentinel)
  • La Pantera (The Panther)
  • El Rey de la Calle (The King of the Street)
  • La Muerte (The Death)
  • El Ciclón (The Cyclone)
  • La Sirena (The Siren)
  • El Cazador (The Hunter)
  • La Ráfaga (The Burst)
  • El Corsario (The Corsair)
  • La Luna Negra (The Black Moon)
  • El Escorpión (The Scorpion)
  • La Fiera (The Beast)
  • El Profeta (The Prophet)

Famous Gangster Names

Channel real-life gangsters with these iconic names. They’re the ones everyone knows the ones who were powerful and maybe a little scary. Think Al Capone or Bonnie and Clyde these gangster names will make your character seem legendary.

  • Al Capone
  • John Dillinger
  • Bonnie Parker (and Clyde Barrow)
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Meyer Lansky
  • Bugsy Siegel
  • Dutch Schultz
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • Frank Costello
  • Mickey Cohen
  • Whitey Bulger
  • Carlo Gambino
  • John Gotti
  • Sam Giancana
  • Joe Masseria
  • Arnold Rothstein
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Griselda Blanco
  • Charles “Lucky” Luciano
  • Enoch “Nucky” Johnson
  • Raymond Patriarca
  • Johnny Torrio
  • Vincent “The Chin” Gigante
  • Joe “The Boss” Masseria
  • Jack “Legs” Diamond
  • Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti
  • Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo
  • Paul “Big Paul” Castellano
  • Anthony “Tony Ducks” Corallo
  • Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano

A Gangster Name from Pop Culture

Want a name everyone will recognize? Borrow from the best! These gangster names are from famous movies, TV shows, and video games.

  • Tony Montana (Scarface)
  • Michael Corleone (The Godfather)
  • Vito Corleone (The Godfather)
  • Al Capone (Real-life gangster, but widely portrayed in pop culture)
  • Tommy DeVito (Goodfellas)
  • Henry Hill (Goodfellas)
  • Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire)
  • Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)
  • Sonny Corleone (The Godfather)
  • Bugsy Siegel (Real-life gangster, portrayed in various films)
  • Donnie Brasco (Based on real-life undercover FBI agent)
  • Jimmy Conway (Goodfellas)
  • Johnny Boy (Mean Streets)
  • Frank Lucas (American Gangster)
  • Meyer Lansky (Real-life gangster, portrayed in various films)
  • Lucky Luciano (Real-life gangster, portrayed in various films)
  • Mickey Cohen (Real-life gangster, portrayed in various films)
  • Dutch Schultz (Real-life gangster, portrayed in various films)
  • Joe Pesci’s character names: Nicky Santoro (Casino), Tommy DeVito (Goodfellas)
  • Carlo Gambino (Real-life gangster, referenced in pop culture)
  • Tony Camonte (Scarface)
  • Carmine Falcone (Batman comics and movies)
  • The Joker (Batman comics and movies, although more of a criminal mastermind than a traditional gangster)
  • Kingpin (Marvel comics and adaptations)
  • Frank White (King of New York)
  • Ace Rothstein (Casino)
  • Gyp Rosetti (Boardwalk Empire)
  • Ralph Cifaretto (The Sopranos)
  • Tony Blundetto (The Sopranos)
  • Vincent “Vinnie” Antonelli (My Blue Heaven)
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Gangsta Names for Gamers:

We’ve got you covered with gangster nickname ideas to use in games.

  • ThugMasterX
  • BossGamerZ
  • StreetKingKiller
  • GhettoGamerElite
  • HoodHero
  • OGPlayaPulse
  • GangstaGameLord
  • StreetwiseSniper
  • ThugLifeTactician
  • HoodHustleGamer
  • RealTalkRPG
  • OGKillaConsole
  • EastSideEliteGamer
  • MoneyMakinGaming
  • SavageController
  • BlockBusterBoss
  • GangstaGamerKingpin
  • OutlawOverlord
  • PistolPackingPlayer
  • WestCoastWarrior
  • HoodBossBattle
  • StreetSavvyShooter
  • 24KaratKillaGamer
  • ThugTacticsGaming
  • StreetStyleStrategist
  • OGGameGodfather
  • HustleHardHero
  • G-FunkGamer
  • RealDealConsoleCommander
  • DopeDealerOfDeath
Gangster Names

Understanding Your Gangster Before Choosing Gangster Name

Consider these tips before choosing a Gangster Name for your bag guy:

Before you pick a name, think about your gangster’s personality.  Are they a:

  • Hothead (Angry, impulsive) – Example: ” Scorch” (Short, harsh name)
  • Cunning (Smart, sneaky) – Example: ” The Fox” (Nickname based on intelligence)
  • Smooth (Calm, confident) – Example: “️ Ace” (Short, cool-sounding name)

Role in the Gang: Big Cheese or Small Fry?

Next, consider your gangster’s role in the crime world. Are they the:

  • Kingpin (Boss, leader) – Example: ” Don Vito” (Nickname showing power)
  • Lieutenant (Right-hand man) – Example: “️ Shadow” (Loyal follower)
  • Lone Wolf (Works alone) – Example: ” Maverick” (Independent spirit)

Setting the Stage:  Gritty Streets or Neon Lights?

Finally, think about the world your gangster lives in.  Is it:

  • Gritty Streets (Chicago) – Example: ” Knuckles” (Nickname based on fighting)
  • Neon Lights (Las Vegas) – Example: ” Lucky Luciano” (Name linked to gambling)
  • Cyberpunk City (Futuristic) – Example: ” Glitch” (Tech-inspired name)

How to Add Twist to Your Gangsta Names?

Now that you know your gangster inside and out, let’s pick the right words to build their name! Here are some cool tricks to make your Gangsta Names stand out:

  • Catchy Combos: Gangster names that start with the same sound (like “Slick Sammy”) or rhyme (like “Razor Ray”) are easy to remember and sound awesome.
  • Wordplay Fun: Want a chuckle? Use puns or wordplay for a funny name. “The Iron Cook” for a gangster who’s a whiz in the kitchen is a great example!
  • Scary Stuff: Some words make people shiver, like “Butcher” or “Hammer.” Use these for a gangster who means business!
  • Cool Nicknames: Nicknames based on a skill or something unique about your gangster can be perfect. Think “One-Eyed Jack” for a sharpshooter or “Lucky Lou” for someone who always seems to win.

Make Your Names For A Gangster Unique and Memorable

The best gangster name is one you won’t forget! Here’s how to make sure your Names For A Gangster is super memorable:

  • Be One of a Kind: Don’t just copy another name. Make your gangster’s name special and different from everyone else’s.
  • Easy to Remember: People should be able to remember the name after hearing it once. Short and simple names are usually easier to remember.
  • Sounds Like Your Gangster: Say the name out loud. Does it fit your character? Imagine your gangster introducing – does the name sound right coming out of their mouth?


We’ve thrown a whole arsenal of Gangster Name ideas your way, from fiery nicknames to smooth monikers that ooze confidence. Plus, we’ve shared some secret tips to help you craft a name that’s as unique and unforgettable as your gangster. 

Dive into our name lists, and get ready to christen your criminal mastermind with gangster names that will echo through the halls of your story’s underworld!


While there aren’t written rules, certain practices exist. Nicknames might be earned through a feat, physical trait, or place of origin. Researching real-life gangster history can offer some interesting insights.

Consider slang terms and popular names from that era. Researching historical figures or even fashion trends can inspire period-appropriate names.

This article focuses on English names, but venturing into other languages can add depth.  Use translation tools with caution and ensure the name sounds natural.

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