Candy Company Names

Candy Company Names

Thinking about starting a candy business or just have started it already? Maybe you have got the formula to make the best candies ever super chewy caramels or super fizzy sour belts. But before you sell them, you need candy company names that make people remember your candy and want to buy it.

You need the best ideas so that you can choose a name that fits your company. We are here with fantastic candy company names to help you find the best candy company name. We know it’s important to pick a name that’s easy to remember, sounds good, and shows what kind of candy you sell.

When wholesalers and retailers will work with you. The first thing they will see is the name of your company.  A good name will make them want to stop and look closer. It will make them think your candy is yummy and fun.

The right name can make people buy your candy instead of another brand. It can also make them remember your candy and want to buy it again. Even these candy company names will enhance your popularity among consumers.

We’ve made a list of candy company names to give you some ideas.  These names are fun, fancy, or just a little silly. No matter what kind of candy you sell, there’s a name on this list that might be perfect for you!

500+ Best Candy Company Names:

This list has a mix of catchy candy company names that are easy to remember. They make people think of yummy candy and fun times.

  • Sweet Bliss Confections
  • Candy Kingdom Creations
  • Sugar Rush Sweets
  • ChocoCharm Treats
  • Candy Cloud Delights
  • JellyBean Junction
  • Lollipop Lane Candies
  • Gummy Galaxy Goodies
  • CocoaCraft Confections
  • Candy Cascade Creations
  • Sugar Sparkle Sweets
  • Caramel Cove Candies
  • Tasty Treats Emporium
  • Candy Comet Confections
  • Sweet Symphony Sweets
  • Marshmallow Meadows
  • Candy Coral Creations
  • Fruity Fusion Candies
  • Sugarplum Paradise
  • Bonbon Bliss Boutique
  • Candy Carousel Creations
  • Sweets ‘N’ Treats Haven
  • Chocolate Chip Charmers
  • Candy Crafters Co.
  • JellyJoy Junction
  • Gumdrop Grove Goodies
  • Sweet Tooth Delights
  • Candy Canvas Creations
  • Nougat Nest Sweets
  • Candy Cosmos Creations

Juicy Candy Company Names:

These candy company names are all about yummy, fresh flavors that burst in your mouth, like juicy fruits! They’re also a little bit fun and playful.

  • Juicy Gem Sweets
  • Fruit Burst Confections
  • Berry Bliss Treats
  • Citrus Sparkle Sweets
  • Tropical Tango Candies
  • Mango Magic Delights
  • Peachy Keen Sweets
  • Pineapple Paradise Treats
  • Berry Blast Bonbons
  • Citrus Splash Confections
  • Juicy Jelly Joy
  • Watermelon Wave Sweets
  • Grapevine Gummies
  • Lemon Lush Candies
  • Tangy Twist Treats
  • Juicylicious Confections
  • Fruit Fusion Fantasies
  • Berry Bubble Bites
  • Orchard Oasis Sweets
  • Tangy Tangerine Treats
  • Raspberry Ripple Delights
  • Juicy Jubilee Candies
  • Citrus Charm Confections
  • Fruity Fiesta Sweets
  • Berry Bounce Bonbons
  • Pineapple Pop Sweets
  • Citrus Zest Confections
  • Tropical Treats Haven
  • Mango Melody Candies
  • Berry Blossom Delights

Rich Candy Company Names:

Want a name that sounds fancy and expensive? These candy company names make your candy sound special and grown-up.

  • Luxe Sweets Co.
  • Golden Gourmet Confections
  • Opulent Treats Emporium
  • Regal Candy Creations
  • Elite Sugar Studios
  • Platinum Pastries & Sweets
  • Royal Sweetness Boutique
  • Majestic Morsels Co.
  • Premium Pastry Palace
  • Exquisite Edibles Emporium
  • Gilded Goodies Galore
  • Prestige Pastries & Sweets
  • Sovereign Sugar Studios
  • Aristocrat Artisan Treats
  • Grandeur Gourmet Confections
  • Affluent Artisan Sweets
  • Noble Nectar Treats
  • Luxurious Lollies & Bonbons
  • High-Class Candy Creations
  • Lavish Lollipop Lounge
  • Regency Sweet Retreat
  • Posh Pastries & Confections
  • Rich Indulgence Sweets
  • Elegant Edibles Emporium
  • Sumptuous Sugar Studios
  • Refined Treats & Sweets
  • Prestigious Pastry Palace
  • Imperial Indulgences
  • Exclusive Edible Elegance
  • Plush Pastries & Sweets

Luxury Candy Company Names:

Similar to Rich Candy Company Names, but these sound even fancier! They make people think your candy is the best of the best.

  • Luxe Confectionery
  • Elite Sugar Atelier
  • Prestige Pastry House
  • Opulent Candy Co.
  • Grandeur Sweets Boutique
  • Affluent Artisan Confections
  • Regal Sugar Emporium
  • Gilded Gourmet Treats
  • Exquisite Eats & Sweets
  • Aristocrat Artisan Sweets
  • Plush Pastries & Confections
  • Lavish Lollipops Lounge
  • Sovereign Sugar Studio
  • Imperial Indulgence Co.
  • Refined Sugar Atelier
  • Majestic Morsels Boutique
  • Elegant Edible Emporium
  • Sumptuous Sweets Studio
  • High-Class Candy Haven
  • Grand Gourmet Galore
  • Posh Pastries Palace
  • Regency Sweet Retreat
  • Noble Nectar Confections
  • Supreme Sugar Studios
  • Exclusive Edible Elegance
  • Opulence Confectionery
  • Premium Pastry & Sweets
  • Luxurious Lollipop Loft
  • Royal Treats & Sweets
  • Exquisite Elegance Confections
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Unique Candy Company Names:

These candy company names are one-of-a-kind, just like your candy! They’re creative and different, sure to get people talking.

  • SugarCanvas Creations
  • CandyCraze Co.
  • SweetSculpt Studios
  • FlavorFusion Treats
  • ConfectionCrafters
  • SweetAlchemy Sweets
  • SugarSketch Studios
  • CandyMosaic Co.
  • TreatTwist Creations
  • FlavorCanvas Candies
  • SweetSavant Studio
  • CandyPalette Creations
  • SugarSymphony Sweets
  • ConfectionaryCanvas
  • SweetSculpture Studio
  • CandyCrafted Creations
  • FlavorForm Studios
  • SugarShades Sweets
  • CandyChroma Co.
  • SweetSpectrum Studio
  • SugarSculpt Studio
  • CandyCollage Creations
  • TreatTapestry Studio
  • SugarSketches Sweets
  • ConfectionaryCreations
  • SweetSundries Studio
  • FlavorFresco Co.
  • CandyQuilt Creations
  • SugarSeam Studio
  • SweetSwatch Sweets

Fruitful Candy Company Names:

These candy company names make it clear your candy uses real fruit. Perfect if your candy is all about yummy fruit flavors.

  • BerryBliss Sweets
  • CitrusCrave Confections
  • MangoMingle Treats
  • PineapplePulse Candies
  • BerryBurst Boutique
  • TropicalTreats Co.
  • OrchardOasis Sweets
  • JuicyJoy Confections
  • FruitFusion Fantasies
  • MelonMuse Candies
  • BerryBloom Boutique
  • CitrusSizzle Sweets
  • TropicalTwist Treats
  • OrchardOrigin Candies
  • MangoMystique Confections
  • PineappleParadise Sweets
  • BerryBounty Boutique
  • JuicyJewel Candies
  • FruitfulFiesta Treats
  • OrchardOvation Sweets
  • CitrusCouture Confections
  • BerryBreeze Boutique
  • MelonMedley Candies
  • TropicalTinge Treats
  • FruitFrost Boutique
  • OrchardOomph Sweets
  • BerryBlaze Confections
  • CitrusCrown Candies
  • MangoMajesty Treats
  • PineapplePeak Sweets

Creative Candy Company Names:

Want a name that’s fun and uses your imagination? These candy company names show your playful side and make people curious about your candy.

  • SweetSculpt Studios
  • CandyCrafters Co.
  • SugarCanvas Creations
  • ConfectionaryDreams
  • FlavorFusion Fantasies
  • CandyMosaic Creations
  • TreatTwist Studio
  • SugarSculpture Studio
  • ConfectionCraft Co.
  • CandyChroma Creations
  • SweetSymphony Studios
  • FlavorForm Fantasies
  • SugarSketch Studios
  • TreatTapestry Co.
  • ConfectionaryCanvas
  • SweetSavant Studios
  • FlavorFresco Fantasies
  • CandyCollage Creations
  • SugarShades Studio
  • TreatTechnique Co.
  • FlavorFiesta Fantasies
  • CandyQuilt Creations
  • SweetSwatch Studios
  • ConfectionaryCreations
  • FlavorFable Fantasies
  • SugarSpectrum Studios
  • TreatTale Creations
  • SweetSundries Studio
  • CandyChronicle Co.
  • FlavorFantasia Studios

Catchy Candy Company Names:

These candy company names are easy to remember and sound good. People will hear them and want to try your candy.

  • CandyCraze Co.
  • SweetSpot Sweets
  • SugarRush Studios
  • TreatTrove Co.
  • ConfectionConnection
  • FlavorFiesta Sweets
  • CandyCascade Creations
  • SweetStreet Studios
  • SugarSpin Sweets
  • TreatTribe Co.
  • ConfectionaryCove
  • SugarSpire Sweets
  • CandyComet Co.
  • SweetWave Studios
  • FlavorFlare Sweets
  • CandyCove Creations
  • SweetSphere Studios
  • ConfectionCrest Co.
  • SugarSurge Sweets
  • TreatTidal Co.
  • CandyCharm Studios
  • SweetSparkle Sweets
  • FlavorFlair Creations
  • CandyCrest Co.
  • SugarSprinkle Studios
  • SweetSizzle Sweets
  • TreatTornado Co.
  • ConfectionaryCraft
  • SugarSway Studios
  • SweetSymmetry Sweets

Clever Candy Company Names:

These candy company names use jokes or wordplay to be fun and memorable. Great if your company likes to have a laugh!

  • SweetIntellect
  • ConfectGenius Co.
  • SugarInvent Studios
  • TreatThinkers
  • CandyClever Creations
  • SugarSavvy Sweets
  • ConfectionaryWits
  • SweetStrategies
  • CandyCrafted Concepts
  • SugarSolutions Co.
  • TreatTacticians
  • ConfectConcepts
  • SugarSleuth Sweets
  • CandyCognizance Co.
  • SweetInnovation Studios
  • ConfectionaryInsight
  • SugarSavants Sweets
  • TreatTechnique Co.
  • CandyCerebrum Creations
  • SweetSchematics
  • ConfectCognition Co.
  • SugarSmarts Studios
  • TreatTinkerers
  • CandyCalculations
  • SweetSynapse Sweets
  • ConfectionaryCraftiness
  • SugarStrategists
  • TreatTactical Co.
  • CandyCraftsmen
  • SweetInventive Ideas

Sweet Candy Company Names:

These candy company names keep it simple and focus on how yummy your candy is. Perfect if your candy is all about pure sweetness!

  • Sweet Sensations
  • Sugar Bliss Co.
  • Sweet Delights Studio
  • Candy Cloud Creations
  • Sweet Symphony Sweets
  • Sugar Sparkle Studio
  • Candy Cravings Co.
  • Sweet Serenity Sweets
  • Sugar Plum Creations
  • Candy Kisses Studio
  • Sweet Harmony Sweets
  • Sugar Sprinkle Studio
  • Candy Charm Co.
  • Sweet Whimsy Sweets
  • Sugar Blossom Creations
  • Candy Cozy Studio
  • Sweet Euphoria Sweets
  • Sugar Petal Creations
  • Candy Dream Studio
  • Sweet Nectar Sweets
  • Sugar Blissful Co.
  • Candy Carousel Creations
  • Sweet Tranquility Sweets
  • Sugar Cloud Studio
  • Candy Haven Co.
  • Sweet Embrace Sweets
  • Sugar Lullaby Creations
  • Candy Whisper Studio
  • Sweet Reverie Sweets
  • Sugar Radiance Co.

Soar Candy Company Names:

These candy company names make people think of excitement and yummy surprises. Perfect if your candy has bold flavors or something special.

  • SkyHigh Sweets
  • Candy Cloud Co.
  • Soar Sweets Studio
  • CandyCrest Creations
  • Airborne Delights
  • Soaring Sugar Co.
  • Elevate Eats Studio
  • CandyWings Creations
  • Altitude Treats Co.
  • FlyHigh Confections
  • Sweet Skyline Sweets
  • Nimbus Nectar Co.
  • Glide & Delight Studio
  • AeroAngels Sweets
  • Candy Constellation Co.
  • Skyward Sweets Studio
  • Celestial Confections
  • Stratosphere Sweets
  • CloudCandy Creations
  • Flyway Treats Co.
  • Horizon Honey Sweets
  • Candy Cumulus Co.
  • Soar & Savor Studio
  • Winged Delights Co.
  • Heavenly High Sweets
  • Candy Canopy Creations
  • AirSweets Studio
  • Ethereal Eats Co.
  • Soaring Sugars Studio
  • SkySweets Creations

Funny Candy Company Names:

These candy company names are silly and lighthearted, sure to make people smile. Great if your company likes to have fun and your candy brings joy!

  • Sweet Tooth Central
  • Chewsy Susie’s
  • Gobstopper Giggles
  • Lollygag Land
  • SugarRush Smiles
  • Candy Comedies
  • SnickerSnacks
  • BonBon Bonanza
  • ChuckleChews
  • Laughy Taffy Treats
  • Giggles & Gummies
  • Jolly Jellybeans
  • CackleCandy Co.
  • TickleTreats
  • HaHa Hard Candies
  • Whimsy Wraps
  • Chuckle Chewies
  • SnickerSnacks Studio
  • Guffaw Gumdrops
  • SillySweets Emporium
  • JestJellies
  • Wacky Wonka’s
  • Gummy Grins
  • TeeHee Treats
  • Chuckle Chocolates
  • Hilarious Hard Candies
  • Laffy Lollipops
  • Snicker Sours
  • Candy Capers Co.
  • Glee Gumdrops
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Silly Candy Company Names:

These candy company names are all about jokes and fun! They’re goofy and unexpected, sure to make people laugh and remember your candy.

  • Sweet Tooth Central
  • Chewsy Susie’s
  • Gobstopper Giggles
  • Lollygag Land
  • SugarRush Smiles
  • Candy Comedies
  • SnickerSnacks
  • BonBon Bonanza
  • ChuckleChews
  • Laughy Taffy Treats
  • Giggles & Gummies
  • Jolly Jellybeans
  • CackleCandy Co.
  • TickleTreats
  • HaHa Hard Candies
  • Whimsy Wraps
  • Chuckle Chewies
  • SnickerSnacks Studio
  • Guffaw Gumdrops
  • SillySweets Emporium
  • JestJellies
  • Wacky Wonka’s
  • Gummy Grins
  • TeeHee Treats
  • Chuckle Chocolates
  • Hilarious Hard Candies
  • Laffy Lollipops
  • Snicker Sours
  • Candy Capers Co.
  • Glee Gumdrops

Fancy Candy Company Names:

These candy company names sound elegant and grown-up, like something out of a storybook. They make your candy sound special and important.

  • LuxeLollies
  • OpulentOasis Sweets
  • RegalRush Candies
  • GourmetGlimmer Treats
  • ChicChocolatiers
  • ElegantEdibles Co.
  • SwankySweets Studio
  • RefinedRipple Candies
  • FancyFrostings
  • MajesticMorsels
  • SophisticatedSugar Studio
  • DecadentDelights Co.
  • LuxeLiquorice
  • ElegantEclairs
  • PoshPastilles
  • GrandGanache
  • LavishLiquorice Co.
  • CoutureCandies
  • SumptuousSugars
  • PrestigePastries
  • EliteEdibles Studio
  • NobleNibbles
  • PlushPralines
  • ExquisiteElixirs Co.
  • DivineDesserts
  • RegencyRocks
  • AristocraticArtisans
  • HauteChocolates
  • GlamGumdrops
  • PolishedPralines

Fizzy Candy Company Names:

These candy company names make people think of candies that pop and fizz in your mouth. Perfect if your candy is all about that bubbly, fizzy fun!

  • FizzFantasy Sweets
  • BubbleBurst Candies
  • FizzFusion Treats
  • SparkleSpritz Sweets
  • PopPleasure Co.
  • FizzyFiesta Candies
  • EffervescentEats
  • FizzBuzz Bites
  • BubbleBlast Sweets
  • FizzyFlare Treats
  • SparklingSips Studio
  • PopPizzazz Candies
  • FizzFizz Co.
  • BubblyBites
  • FizzFlair Candies
  • BubbleBinge Sweets
  • SparkleSpree Co.
  • FizzFiesta Treats
  • PopPulse Candies
  • EffervescentEuphoria
  • BubbleBliss Sweets
  • FizzyFrolic Co.
  • SparkleSensation Candies
  • PopPleasure Studio
  • FizzFanatic Treats
  • BubbleBreeze Sweets
  • SparklingSurge Co.
  • FizzFrenzy Candies
  • PopPrance Sweets
  • EffervescentEscapade

Classic Candy Company Names:

These candy company names sound familiar and remind people of their favorite childhood candies. Perfect if your candy uses traditional flavors and recipes.

  • VintageVim Candies
  • TimelessTreats Co.
  • OldSchoolSweets
  • ClassicConfections
  • RetroRipples Candies
  • TimeHonoredTreats
  • GoldenAgeGoodies
  • NostalgicNibbles
  • HeritageHoney Sweets
  • TraditionalTemptations
  • AgelessAromas Candies
  • VintageVerve Treats
  • ClassicCravings Co.
  • TimeTestedTreats
  • RetroRituals Sweets
  • ClassicCandies
  • YesteryearYummies
  • VintageVirtue Candies
  • ClassicChewables
  • RetroRelics Sweets
  • TimelessTidbits Co.
  • ClassicCocoa Creations
  • VintageVelvet Candies
  • OldWorldSweets
  • ClassicCreams Co.
  • TimelessTextures
  • HeritageHues Sweets
  • ClassicCrafted Candies
  • VintageVarieties
  • ClassicCaramel Co.

Mystery Candy Company Names:

These candy company names make people curious about what’s inside! Perfect if your candy has a surprise flavor or a hidden center.

  • EnigmaEats Sweets
  • MysticalMorsels
  • SecretSweets Co.
  • PuzzlePleasure Candies
  • CrypticCravings
  • ShadowySugar Studio
  • RiddleRipples Treats
  • WhisperingWillow Sweets
  • ArcaneAromas Candies
  • LabyrinthLollies
  • MysticMunchies Co.
  • VeiledVanilla Sweets
  • ObscureOrbit Candies
  • EnchantedEats Studio
  • GhostlyGumdrops
  • CrypticCocoa Creations
  • SecretiveSugars
  • MysteryMint Co.
  • ShadowSweets Studio
  • PuzzlePops
  • MysticMarshmallows
  • WhisperingWonders Candies
  • ArcaneAlmond Treats
  • HiddenHoney Studio
  • EnigmaEdibles
  • ShadowShaped Sweets
  • CrypticChocolates
  • VeiledVelvet Candies
  • MysteryMeltaways
  • WhisperingWhirlwind Sweets

Melty Candy Company Names:

These candy company names make people think of candies that deliciously melt in your mouth. Perfect if your candy is smooth, creamy, and oh-so-satisfying!

  • MeltMagic Sweets
  • MeltyMoments Co.
  • LiquidLuxe Candies
  • SilkySweets Studio
  • CreamyCascade Treats
  • MeltingMorsels Co.
  • VelvetyVortex Sweets
  • SmoothSerenade Candies
  • LushLiquid Candies
  • MeltdownDelights
  • SilkenSensation Sweets
  • MeltedMingle Candies
  • LiquidLuxury Treats
  • MeltyMarvels Co.
  • CreamCrest Sweets
  • MeltMajesty Candies
  • LiquidLove Studio
  • MeltingMemories Co.
  • SmoothSavor Sweets
  • VelvetyVoyage Candies
  • MeltedMuse Treats
  • CreamyCurrents Sweets
  • MeltyMingle Co.
  • LiquidLullaby Candies
  • SilkySurge Sweets
  • MeltingMoonlight Treats
  • CreamyCanvas Co.
  • LiquidLore Sweets
  • MeltedMoonbeams
  • SilkenSymphony Candies

Gummy Candy Company Names:

These candy company names make it clear your candy is made of that yummy, chewy gumdrop kind of candy! Perfect if your specialty is gummy bears, worms, or other fun shapes.

  • GummyGalaxy
  • ChewyCharm Sweets
  • GummyGem Co.
  • JellyJoy Studio
  • GummyGleam Candies
  • ChewBlast Sweets
  • GummyGrove Treats
  • JellyJubilee Co.
  • ChewyCraze Candies
  • GummyGlitz Studio
  • ChewDelight Sweets
  • GummyGlisten Co.
  • JellyJive Candies
  • ChewyChic Treats
  • GummyGlimmer Studio
  • JellyJam Co.
  • ChewyChatter Sweets
  • GummyGlitter Candies
  • JellyJazz Studio
  • ChewyChiclet Co.
  • GummyGlide Treats
  • JellyJolt Sweets
  • ChewyCharm Co.
  • GummyGlide Candies
  • JellyJump Studio
  • ChewyCrown Sweets
  • GummyGlaze Co.
  • JellyJewel Treats
  • ChewyCrest Sweets
  • GummyGlam Studio
Candy Company Names

Initial Tips For Choosing Candy Company Names

This is the first step to picking the perfect candy company name! Here’s how to think about your candy and translate it into a delicious name:

1. Flavors and Textures:

Imagine someone biting into your candy. What happens? Is it soft and chewy like a gummy bear, or is it hard and crunchy like a candy cane? use these ideas to select Candy Company Names:

  • Chewy: Think of words like “Gummy,” “Chewy,” “Squishy,” or “Stretchy.” These evoke a sense of long-lasting, soft candy. (e.g., “Chewy Chompers,” “Gummy Galaxy”)
  • Fizzy: Words like “Fizz,” “Pop,” “Crackle,” or “Sparkle” can represent the exciting, bubbly texture of your candy. (e.g., “Fizz & Fun,” “Poppin’ Pals”)
  • Fruity: “Berry,” “Citrus,” “Tropical,” or “Juicy” all point towards candies bursting with fresh fruit flavors. (e.g., “Juicy Jellies,” “Tropical Twists”)
  • Something New: If you’ve created a unique candy experience, highlight that! Use descriptive words that capture its essence. (e.g., “Cloud Candy” for light and airy candies, “Spicy Sizzle” for hot candies)

2. Target Audience:

Who are you hoping to bring joy to with your candy?

  • Children: Playful and fun names with bright colors and cute characters work well. (e.g., “Whimsical Wonders,” “Silly Sprinkles”)
  • Adults: A more sophisticated or elegant name might be a good fit. Consider words that suggest luxury or nostalgia. (e.g., “La Douce Confection” (French for “The Sweet Confection”), “Classic Candies”)
  • Specific Niche: Are your candies geared towards health nuts, vegans, or a specific dietary need? Use keywords that reflect your niche market. (e.g., “Naturally Sweet Treats,” “Sugar-Free Smiles”)
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Tips For Making Candy Company Names Memorable

Here’s how to create a candy company name that people will remember long after they’ve finished their last treat:

1. Short and Sweet:

Just like a delicious candy shouldn’t leave you feeling stuffed, your name shouldn’t be too long-winded. Here’s why:

  • Easy to Remember: People are more likely to remember a short, simple name. Think about how easy it is to remember “Pop Fizz” compared to “The Fizzy Popping Candy Company.” Shorter names are easier to say and write down.
  • Catchier: Shorter names often sound punchier and more catchy. They roll off the tongue better and are more likely to stick in someone’s mind.

2. Catchy and Fun:

Your candy company name should be like your candy itself – fun and exciting! Here are some ways to make your name catchy:

  • Wordplay: Use puns, jokes, or double meanings to make your name fun and memorable. For example, “Gummy Galaxy” combines “gummy” with “galaxy” to create a playful image of gummy bears in space.
  • Rhymes: Names that rhyme are easy to remember and sound fun. Think about how catchy “Licorice Laces” is because of the rhyming sounds.
  • Alliteration: This is when words start with the same sound. For example, “Sugar Rush” uses alliteration with the “S” sound, making it easy to remember and say.

Bonus Tip: Think about how your name would sound spoken aloud in a commercial or on a store shelf. Does it sound catchy and fun?

Candy Company Names that Show Your Candy’s Personality!

Imagine if your candy company has a personality. What would it be like? Playful, fancy, or something else entirely? Your company name should reflect that personality!

  • Playful Personality: If your candy is all about fun and energy, choose a playful and lighthearted name. “Sugar Rush” perfectly captures the energetic buzz you get from certain candies.
  • Sophisticated Personality: Do you make high-end, luxurious candies? Choose a name that sounds elegant and fancy. “La Douce Confection” sounds sophisticated and French, making it perfect for a brand of gourmet chocolates.

Making Sure Your Candy Company Names Are Hit!

You’ve come up with some great name ideas, but how do you know which one is the best? Here are some tips:

1. Brainstorm with Others:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Bounce your ideas off friends, family, or even potential customers. Here’s why this is helpful:

  • Fresh Perspective: They might come up with something you haven’t thought of, or they might tell you which names are the most catchy or memorable.
  • See What Others Think: Get a sense of how your name will sound to potential customers. They might tell you if it’s too confusing, too long, or just doesn’t fit the image of your candy.

2. Test the Waters:

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to see how they look and sound in action! Here are some ways to test your Candy Company Names:

  • Say it Out Loud: Read your name choices out loud. Does it sound good? Is it easy to say and pronounce?
  • Imagine it on Packaging: Picture your name on a candy wrapper or bag. Does it look clear and eye-catching? Does it fit with the overall design of the candy?


This guide is like your own yummy candy shop, full of ideas and tips to help you choose. We’ve given you lists of different candy company names to get you thinking, from funny ones to fancy ones.

We’ve also shown you ways to brainstorm ideas and given you important tips to make sure your name is easy to remember, shows what kind of candy you sell, and isn’t already taken by someone else. So don’t be shy – ask your friends and family for ideas, and have fun with it!


When naming your candy company, think about how easy it is to remember, spell, and say. Also, think about if the name is different from others and if it matches your candy.

To make a good name, think about words that make people think of candy, like sweet, happy, or tasty. You can also mix words or make funny phrases. You can ask other people for ideas too.

Some people like names that say exactly what the company does, like “Sweet Treats Candy.” Others like names that don’t say it directly, like “Rainbow Delights.” Both can be good, depending on what you want.

You can check online to see if someone else has the same name. Look for trademarks and business names. You can also ask a lawyer who knows about this stuff to help you.

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